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Travel with Kids Made Fun + Giveaway

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I’m a total lover of travelling, as I’m sure y’all know. When I get to take my family along, it makes it even better! That being said, I’ll be totally honest in admitting that travelling with kids can be super stressful and frustrating, especially through an airport. With a few snacks, games, songs and these awesome part-scooter, part-suitcase luggage for them, travel with kids is made fun again! Plus, we’re giving TWO lucky winners their choice of Zinc Flyte luggage – see below!

How many times have you had to nag your kids to keep up in the airport? If you’re like us, you probably lost count after a few dozen. As excited as kids may be to go on a trip, lugging their bags through the crowds and having to sit around waiting isn’t exactly their idea of a good time. I was thrilled when we received a piece of Zinc Flyte luggage for each of our kids, because I know it’ll make travelling much more enjoyable for them – meaning less stressful for us!

Travel with Kids Made Fun #ad #myzincflyte #sidthecyclops #pollythepanda #pacificblue

Not only are these great kid suitcases perfectly carry-on size and just the right fit for all their stuff for most trips, but they have a scooter part the can flip down for them to ride around a bit. How fun is that?! When we surprised them with these, they couldn’t wait to test them out…

Travel with Kids Made Fun #ad #myzincflyte #sidthecyclops #pollythepanda #pacificblue

At first I was curious if the scooter could accidentally flip out, or if it was difficult to put it up and down – but it’s completely secure, so it only changes position if you really want it to. When it’s folded up, it’s going to stay neatly in place without any issues until you grab the top wheel, lift up gently, and fold it down yourself. We even TRIED to shake it down, because maybe a bump would affect it – nope, just when we actively pulled it down! Once down, you flip a little stopper piece to hold it safely into place, and they’re free to ride around – no more nagging them to ‘keep up’. To put the scooter back up for storage or whatnot, you flip that stopper piece back up, pull outward on the wheel and fold it back up. Even the handle has buttons for added securing. I was pleasantly surprised that each case had not only full instructions inside, but also the little metal things to help tighten wheels if/when needed.

Travel with Kids Made Fun #ad #myzincflyte #sidthecyclops #pollythepanda #pacificblue

There’s multiple sizes, so you can pick whatever matches your childs size/age the best. Ours were all the Midi Flytes, matching ages 4-8 mostly and up to 110 pounds. The Mini Flytes are more for ages 2-4, and they even have a Maxi Flyte size coming fall 2018. The suitcases themselves are designed to hold up to 11 lbs. of luggage – which is about what my kiddos need, anyway!Inside, there’s the straps to hold everything in place on one side, and a zipper mesh pocket (with pocket behind as well) for those little things you don’t want to get lost in all the clothes.

Travel with Kids Made Fun #ad #myzincflyte #sidthecyclops #pollythepanda #pacificblue

I love that Zinc Flyte has a variety of styles to choose from, so you can pick what matches your child’s personalities or interests best. For my twins, I knew they’d get a kick out of Sid the Cyclops, and my girls absolutely loved Polly the Panda. My youngest is really loving blue lately, so I couldn’t resist the Pacific Blue style for him.

The outsides are sturdy, which is exactly what I want in luggage that I know my kids will be a bit harsh on, plus you never know if it’ll get banged around on the flight or in the vehicle. Sturdy is a MUST! And for those times it’s not exactly fit to be riding a scooter (like through the security scanning – don’t think the TSA would be so happy chasing a bunch of kids down), the wheels and handle are perfect for kids to pull along themselves. Even with their Zinc Flyte stuffed with all their stuff, the luggage is still surprisingly lightweight – and since your kids will be completely in love with their fun and stylish suitcase, it’s likely they’ll never beg and whine for you to carry it for them again. Nope, travel with kids will never be the same again – thank goodness!

Travel with Kids Made Fun #ad #myzincflyte #sidthecyclops #pollythepanda #pacificblue

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In the past, we’ve had to get just normal ol’ bags for the kids to share when packing for a trip – but for our upcoming family trip next month they can each have their own, and they were so excited! Yes, they already asked if they could start packing – even though it’s still several weeks away. At least that means they’re looking forward to what’s normally their least favorite parts of travelling, so Zinc Flyte may have just taken a ton of stress out of family travel for us!


Which Zinc Flyte would YOUR kid like best? Tell us in the comments below to WIN one of TWO Zinc Flyte pieces of your choice!

WINNERS: Kelly D and Shawna C Baker!

Please email us at [email protected] with your final choice of suitcase piece, and the mailing address you’d like it sent to. Congrats!

Winner must be 18 years or older and reside in the continental United States. One Winner per household. We will randomly draw a winner from the comments below on November 20th, and announce in the comments (be sure to check back in case you win!). Winner will have 48 hours to email us with their shipping address and luggage choice, otherwise a different winner will be drawn in their place. Giveaway prize & shipping provided by Zinc Flyte.

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