Turbo Movie Night

Start your weekend off right with a Turbo Movie Night

Turbo Movie Night
My kids like a lot of things, including movies. It’s fun to have a themed night every month focused around a movie we watch together. This month’s feature:
Turbo Movie Night
To start it off, we have some Dos Bros Tacos for dinner…
Don’t forget the stuff that gave Turbo his SPEED – blue drinks! For this I just got some blue Kool-Aid, simple and kid-friendly!
Follow that with some yummy Snail Cinnamon Rolls (normal cinnamon rolls with raisin eyes and swirled frosting) for dessert…
Turbo Movie Night

See, totally simple yet fun! If you want to throw in some games, RACING would be, of course, totally appropriate for this!The kids really love family nights, and it’s just the small extras that really make the memories. Oh – and we have now all been assigned character names from the movie. I’m Burn, I guess!

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