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Unique Date Night in Dallas

I was invited to experience this event free of charge. All opinions are mine alone.

As a parent, it can be challenging – nearly impossible sometimes – to get a date night out. If you’re looking for a Unique Date Night in Dallas, you’ve got to check out the Murder Mystery Company’s Dinner – because when that rare chance comes along, you definitely want something that will stand out!

I’d heard of murder mystery dinner type events before, but never had a chance to try one out until recently – and I’ll admit that I was a bit nervous. It turned out to be an amazing, hilarious and memorable night out with the hubby, and I can’t wait to try it out again!

What exactly is a Murder Mystery Dinner? It’s like dinner and a show (which is already a great date night) – but you’re part of the entertainment! It’s a live, interactive experience where the actors help lay down the storyline and clues, then it’s up to the audience – YOU – to figure out who the murderer actually is. It’s recommended to dress up to the theme – makes it more fun – but it’s certainly not required.

Some of the audience are selected to play actual characters, and given their ‘parts’ – but they’re also the suspects! In between the dinner courses, you’ll go around asking the suspects questions (and even bribing them with ‘money’ – don’t worry, it’s not real) to help you find clues and lead you to find the guilty party.

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Hubby was chosen, and it was hilarious watching him really get into the part – western accent and all – as people bribed him for information. I think him being part of it made it all the more fun for our Murder Mystery Dinner

It was hilarious – with more adult type humor, so think a bit before allowing children to attend. For example, hubby’s character’s name was ‘Sandy Crack’! We laughed so hard, and I knew that even if we didn’t win at the end, it’d be a great time together!

If you’re nervous, don’t worry – you work as a team with your table mates, so you’re not on your own. And the cast was FABULOUS – the lady that played the mayor and the sheriff was especially phenomenal!

They all stayed in character the whole time, which was great fun and really made for a unique experience. They also seemed to notice who was all for playing along 100%, and those that were more reserved. It didn’t seem like anyone was made to come out of their comfort zone that didn’t want to.

Wondering if my team won? Well – we did win something……DEAD LAST PLACE! Yup, we were so far off in our guess, that they had to announce it to everyone and give us a thunderous round of applause for good humor. But you know what? I think it was more fun getting that then winning!

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As you’ve probably guessed, our night was themed for the Wild West – ‘Wanted Dead or Alive’ – but they do have other themes, depending on the date! There’s also ‘Crime and Pun-ishment’ that’s 1920s based, ‘A Dance with Death’ which is 1950s, ‘Midnight at the Masquerade’ and more.

Which Murder Mystery theme would YOU want for a date night in Dallas?

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