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Using Décor to Make Each Child Feel Special

Hey, it’s Lynn from Riggstown Road!  Today, I’m sharing my love for decorating, especially when I can decorate with meaning.  I have five children, and I love each one of them with a love so big that it hurts.  Each one of them is uniquely special, both in the world and in my heart.  And I want them to know that.  That’s why I’m using décor to make each child feel special.

Using Decor to Make Each Child Feel Special by Riggstown Road for Busy Mom's Helper

We probably all display baby pictures, and maybe some of our children’s artwork.  This time, I decided to do something a little different, using something else I love- words.  Usually, I use words for decorating that are either scripture or some type of proverbial saying, but for this project, I wanted words that were uniquely special to us, to our family.  I also had an old framed piece of artwork that I decided to upcycle into some fresh new décor, and I thought it would be a fun opportunity  to highlight a special memory surrounding one of the children.  Something he knows is just about him, reminding him that I love him not just them.  So I chose words that have a fun but sweet meaning behind them.  Words that, if I said them right now, would make him smile.

When my son was really little, he decided to compete with me one day while we were out riding in the van, to see who could come up with the best “I love you as much as” analogy.  One he used was that he loved me as much as all the trees and houses, as we were passing lots of them.  I don’t remember all the things he came up with, but I could generally best him each time.  Then he used a word he had learned at some point during our schooling, but that I didn’t even know he remembered.  (They are listening!)  He said, “I love you a googolplex.”  (Actually he pronounced it “googooplex.”  I love those sweet little mispronunciations, don’t you?)

Using Decor to Make Each Child Feel Uniquely Special by Riggstown Road for Busy Mom's HelperIn case you don’t know what the word “googolplex” means, basically, it’s the largest number with a name.  It looks like a one with a whole page of zeros.  It has a very interesting story behind it.  You can Google it.  😉

These four little words became a special phrase for us.  I’ve said it lots of times since then.  Instant meaning, instant smile.  Even though he’s a big ‘ol boy of seventeen now, it’s still a fun way for me to tell him I love him, in a way nobody else will.  And a silly little phrase like that can help me smooth many a ruffled feather, and ease the aches of growing pains.  Perfect thing to hang on the wall, don’t you think?

Using Decor to Make Each Child Feel Uniquely Special by Riggstown Road for Busy Moms HelperI only used a few simple supplies to turn these words into artwork. The idea is to think of something that will have meaning for your child and make it a part of your home.  Of course, I can’t display this in my son’s room.  A seventeen-year-old boy would never stand for that.  Instead, it hangs in the kids’ bathroom.  Guests use that bathroom, too, and to them, it’s just cute décor.  For all the kids, it’s a message that mom loves them.  To my son, it’s a reminder that he is uniquely special to me.  And I’ll let you in on a little secret: I have similar projects planned for each one of my kiddos.  Shhh.  They won’t know ’til they see it on the wall…but when they see it, they will “get” it.  They will know it’s a little message from me that says, You are special.  I love you. 

Using Decor to Make Each Child Feel Uniquely Special by Riggstown Road for Busy Moms Helper

You have those little things, too.  Just think about each of your children, and some of the special memories you have with each one.  Maybe there’s a joke you like to share with your oldest.  You could frame the punch line, and send it to him at college.  Maybe there’s a phrase you always use to remind your daughter she’s beautiful, inside and out.  Frame it and hang it above the mirror.  There might be a song you always sing with your little guy in the car.  Frame his favorite line from the song and put it in the mudroom, so he’ll see it every time he grabs his shoes.  Or use their words, like I did.  Sometimes their ideas are way better than ours!

Using Decor to Make Each Child Feel Special by Riggstown Road for Busy Moms Helper

If nothing comes to mind right away, be extra observant in the days ahead.  When you have an “aha” moment, where you catch yourself saying something you always say to one of your children, but just never realized it, then take a moment and jot it down.  Or, when your little one says something so sweet that you want to remember it forever, scribble it in your planner, and you’ll have it.

Using Decor to Make Each Child Feel Uniquely Special by Riggstown Road for Busy Moms Helper

Then you can put together some one-of-a-kind artwork in a jiffy, and hang a memory on the wall.  I love the way this looks, and I love what it says!  Making one of your own is super-easy, which is great, because life for moms is busy.  Also, it’s basically free, if you upcycle like I did.  Isn’t is nice when we can do something that makes us and our loved ones smile without having to invest a lot of time and money?


  • Stiff art paper (like watercolor paper)
  • Scissors
  • A nice, sharp Sharpie
  • Pencil
  • Picture frame


  1. Mark off the space for your message on the paper, with light pencil marks, using your matte or frame as a guide.
  2. Simply write out your message with a Sharpie.
  3. Assemble your frame, with the message as the picture.

(I think Mama’s handwriting makes this more personal, but if you’d rather, just print out your special message in your favorite font.)

I’m excited about the little projects I have planned for the other children. Each one will have a different message and be in a different form.  Be sure to visit me at Riggstown Road to see those in the weeks ahead, and let me know what special moments you capture in word-form to highlight in your home as beautiful, unique décor, and more importantly, as a meaningful way to speak to the hearts of the special little people who live there.

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