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Best & Worst Months to Visit Disney World in 2019

If you look ahead for the best times to plan your Disney World vacation, there are definitely considerations you need to make because some months are going to turn out better for you than others. Unfortunately, in many cases, the most practical times to visit Disney World are also the most crowded. If you don’t have much room within your schedule, then please don’t worry about going at the wrong time of the year because you’ll still have a great time, just maybe more waits and crowds. But if you have a fair amount of options, some months will do better for you than others. Looking at everything going on, here’s our thoughts on the Best & Worst Months to Visit Disney World in 2019.

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When to Visit Disney World 2019- Best Months

In terms of lower attendance, the best months for visiting Disney World are January, February and March. Things get busy after that until late august. September and October are also good months for beating attendance (we usually aim for early September because school just started – one of the benefits to homeschooling. November and December are usually good too, if you stay away from the holiday weeks.

However, during those times there is more to offer in terms of Holiday entertainment and festive decoration. There will also be additional tickets sold for holiday parties, which are limited in attendance. That could make November and December two of the best – or at least most exciting and magical – months as you determine when visit Disney World 2019.

The biggest draw to Disney World in 2019 will be Star Wars Land which is set to open in late fall 2019 (eeeeek, can’t wait!). That’s one more reason to plan your trip for November or December. Although, if this is not a draw for you, you can beat the crowds by visiting in late summer instead.

When Not to Visit Disney World 2019 – Worst Months

In terms of crowds alone, you will do best to avoid any major holidays and months where children are out of school. The end of 2019 will be exceptionally crowded because of the new Star Wars Land in Hollywood Studios. Also, from May to Mid August there is going to be higher attendance due to school letting out and more vacationing families. On the other hand, with the new attractions coming out, you may not want to miss upcoming opportunities and be more willing to wait in longer lines (here’s our tips for avoiding more lines!).

In addition to the late fall 2019 opening of Star Wars Land, Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway is opening in May 2019. If you don’t want to miss out on this major attraction, you should avoid planning your trip for January through May.

If weather is a factor for you, you must remember how hot and how humid central Florida gets in the summer, as well. The summer months can have brutal heat, and are also notorious for stormy weather. While you can certainly prepare beforehand, this may be a poor example of when to visit Disney World 2019. After summer, the season for thunderstorms gives way to hurricane season, which usually does not affect the parks in terms of operations, but occasionally it does. You may prefer to avoid September or October if there is a serious threat or you don’t want the risk of interrupted travel and vacation time. On the other hand, if you already live nearby and there is a hurricane warning in your area, Disney World is actually a very safe place to evacuate to.

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Final Thoughts

Ultimately, there’s no way to go wrong when planning a Disney World vacation. No matter the time of year you choose to visit this enchanting destination, your family is bound to make long-lasting memories that will be cherished forever. With so many attractions to explore, put on your Mickey ears and prepare for a ride of a lifetime!

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