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Wall Texturing

I’ve talked about my house before and how we moved back into it after three years away and how we are making some updates to the house. One of the things about moving back into this house is that we are moving in with fewer family members, so we have extra rooms. I decided that I wanted to make one of the extra upstairs bedrooms my craft room, which is so awesome, but was going to take some work. It had been occupied by both my youngest child and my grandsons.  One of the walls had a lot of issues, so my husband and I decided to try our hand at Wall Texturing. Actually, he already knew what he was doing, I had no clue.

Textured Wall

When I moved back into the house, this is what this particular room looked like. The colors were really bright and all of those streaks were glow in the dark paint. So fun for two little boys, right?!  There were also staples in the walls and ceiling, I believe left over from my youngest child and nail holes, along with other things. Really, the walls were a mess. One wall in particular was really rough, so we decided texturing was the best option.

blue wall

The first thing I did was to primer the whole room. The primer I got was oil based and really smelled. I don’t know if there is another kind, but if there is, you should get that one. At the very least, work in a very well ventilated space. See all of the rough spots on the wall? I don’t know why this wall was so much worse than the others.

wall texturing 6

When you’re texturing a wall, you need something like this Wall Texture . However, my husband had an hour before he had to catch a plane and we had this “SHEETROCK” ALL PURPOSE JOINT COMPOUND on hand, so we used that and it worked just fine. I told you we are making some changes in the house. We have lots of great stuff around.

wall texturing 5

We used a putty knife to place some of the compound on the wall and smooth out the compound.  Work in small areas so that the compound doesn’t dry out as you’re working.

wall texturing 9

Next, we took a Hand Duster that I had and a plastic grocery bag to apply the compound. It sounds hokey I know, but again, it’s what we had on hand and we only had an hour to get the wall done. Cover the duster with the bag. You’re using the bag to make the random pattern.

Using the larger putty knife, put some of the compound on the bag, but not too thick. You don’t want clumps on your wall.

wall texturing 3

Dab the duster on the wall in the spot where you have spread the compound, in a random fashion, but covering the area completely.

Dabbing Collage

Finally, take your large putty knife and run it softly over the same area to smooth the compound out, but not completely smooth. The goal is to get the high peaks and pointed spots down. If you make an area too smooth, just put more compound on the spot with the duster and bag and run the putty knife over it again. Since you are applying it randomly, you can’t really mess it up. I love that!

scrapping Collage

This is a close up of the wall after it was smoothed out some. It doesn’t look awesome up close, but far away it looks great!

wall texturing 4

It took about two days for the wall to dry completely. We did it in the spring and it was pretty humid for this area. I painted the wall a nice yellow color to off set the grey on the other walls. If you would like to see the full craft room, you can see it on my blog, Fearlessly Creative Mammas. I hope you will come by for a visit.

Wall Texturing

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