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Walt Disney World Activities While in Line

So you’re on vacation at Disney World and you find yourself stuck in a long Disney queue without a Fastpass. Relax – it’s not the worst thing that can happen! As a matter of fact, long waits at Disney attractions have gotten better, not worse, since the invention of the Fastpass. Even though the technology lets you skip the majority of lines in most big attractions, Imagineers have increased their efforts to make the standby lines as fun and engaging as possible. Here are some really fun Walt Disney World Activities to do While in Line and make the wait for your favorite attractions more enjoyable.

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Spot Hidden Mickeys

This is an oldie but a goodie. It’s so much fun to look around and see what you can find hidden in the Disney queues. Some hidden Mickeys are more elaborate than others, like the Steamboat Willie hidden mickey made out of rock formations in the Little Mermaid queue in Magic Kingdom. Some ‘Hidden Mickeys’ are questionable, which can raise some fun discussion and lively debate while you fight off boredom.

‘Unofficial’ Disney Autograph & Activity Book

Of course we have to mention our popular ‘unofficial’ book that’s chock full of not just incredibly designed autograph pages, but also several fun activities – from connect the dots and mazes, to designing your own superhero or jokes!

Find a Game

There are all kinds of games you can play to keep yourself – and your group – entertained. Think about road trip games like eye spy. This can be very fun to play in a Disney park! Paying attention to the details around you also has its rewards. As I mentioned before, Imagineers put extra effort into their queues. They often include key story elements and exposition to prepare you for the story of the attraction (Flight of Passage, Expedition Everest). Other queues literally include games you can play and interactive features Haunted Mansion, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train).

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Use the Disney Play App

If you don’t already have the Disney Play app downloaded, you’ve really got to! The Disney Play app is a totally new way to experience the parks on your phone. It specifically has play features that are designed to keep you entertained while waiting in line. It’s a lot of fun, so if you’ve taken in enough of the details around you, this is a great way to submit to your electronics while still keeping it Disney. With the opening of Star Wars land, it has a special mode for this area alone to REALLY bring you into the story of Batuu!

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Get Fastpasses

For a more practical – yet fun – use of your time, you can try snagging those elusive Fastpasses for other popular attractions. That way you don’t have to wait so long at the next ride! If the attraction you want is unavailable for Fastpass, this is the perfect opportunity to keep refreshing until a Fastpass opens up – you never know what you may be able to get.

Picture Time!

While you’re on your phone, why don’t you take some fun selfies, or pictures of the queue? Many times these environments make for a really unique backdrop for your pictures. Snap a shot of those hidden mickeys, or any other really cool scenes you would like to capture. Edit your photos and air drop them to your friends; or post your photos online and add to your Instagram Story. Go through your favorite photos from your trip and share some laughs. Bonus points if a cast member photobombs your selfie!

What are your favorite Disney World activities to do while in line?

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