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What to Pack for SNAP! Or Other Blogger Conferences

Guys, I’m so stinkin’ excited I could die! Next weekend I’ll be attending my first blogger conference EVER: SNAP! I booked my ticket the minute I could, so this has been 6 months of anticipation building up all down to less than a week. There’s so much I need/want to do to prepare, but right now I think the most important thing on my list is to PACK! I’ve been pretty nervous as to what would be best, and after begging asking some friends who’ve attended in the past, I’ve got a good idea of What to Pack for SNAP! Or other blogger conferences, for that matter!

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So the big question I’ve seen many (including myself, I’ll be honest) asking about it ‘what do I wear’?! First of all, I was told to NOT STRESS about it too much. Many of us have this image of absolutely perfectly dressed women who don’t have a single strand of hair out of place. We need to realize that behind the gorgeous blog profile pics is a still-gorgeous-but-actually-real person. I know I DEFINITELY don’t look as amazing as my profile pic would suggest, so why should I think others are going to be absolutely perfect?

The low-down on what to wear: Comfortable, cute and YOU! Don’t try to be someone you’re not…everyone wants to meet the REAL you, the actual PERSON behind the blog. And with all the walking, sitting, chatting, partying…you’ll definitely want to feel comfortable! Here’s my wardrobe of choice for next week’s SNAP! Conference:

What to Pack for SNAP! Or Other Blogger Conferences / by

For the 3-days of actual conference, I’m wearing the ADORABLE yellow jacket/black shirt/white pom-pom scarf ensemble with jeans, the Springy lacy green tunic with leggings, and the casual-yet-dressy black lace dress with red jacket. All of these are from one of my favorite places: disclosure! They have SO MANY cute and trendy clothes, bags, jewelry and much more. Plus, it’s owned and operated by some of the most wonderful and lovely ladies I know, who are so dang talented yet as friendly as can be!

The blue scoop-neck and red loose-fitting top are more casual and comfy for my flight/travel days, but still cute enough to be meeting with all those wonderful woman bloggers. Oh, and as far as my choice of shoes goes:

What to Pack for SNAP! Or Other Blogger Conferences / by

With my leggings/skinny jeans, I’ll have my comfy-yet-cute black boots. My other pants (and especially for travel days) I’m sporting my everyday sneakers. See, just keep it comfortable and YOU!

Some other important items:

  • Roomie Gifts, should you choose to do those. I am…but I’ll have to post pics in my after-conference review so I don’t spoil the suprise!
  • SNAP! is doing Secret Sisters this year (if you choose to participate, it is optional). If you sign up, don’t forget the gifts!
  • DO NOT forget some business cards! These can be as simple or as cutesy as you want, but they’re so crucial for exchanging info with all the fun new friends you’ll meet! For mine, I did about 40 ‘fun’ ones with a cute (and tasty) attachment, then have my regular cards. Another tip I received from ‘experienced’ conference-goers: bring a hole-punch and a binder ring clip. As you get cards, punch a hole and slide them onto the ring. GREAT way to keep track of all the cards you’ll nab! Media Kits may be a good idea, also.What to Pack for SNAP! Or Other Blogger Conferences / by
  • PHONE and CHARGER!!! Probably some of the MOST important things to remember!
  • Extra batteries and battery charger (if reusable). Also, a power strip! With 4 or so ladies sharing a hotel room, there’s going to be so many used up plugs, it may be wise to have a power strip to give a little more access. What to Pack for SNAP! Or Other Blogger Conferences / by
  • External Charger/Battery Pack – great for phones, laptops, tablets, etc. I don’t go anywhere without one of these!!!
  • Notebook and pens for taking notes.
  • EXTRA bag, for bringing home all the awesome SWAG! For my flight, I’m just doing a carry-on and personal item to the conference, but packing a duffle bag for my flight home that I’ll check.
  • Make-up, face wash, hair items (brush, elastics, hair spray, straightener, dryer….whatever you need).
  • Tooth brush/paste.
  • Jewelry….comfy-yet-cute. I’m not a huge jewelry person, so a set of simple hoop earrings and my wedding ring are all I’m bringing. What to Pack for SNAP! Or Other Blogger Conferences / by
  • Wallet, ID, money, keys. I’ve been told to bring some cash for the Queen Bee Market at SNAP! Can’t wait to see all the cute handmade stuff (and try not to buy TOO much)!
  • Tickets and confirmation info (flight, hotel, conference if necessary).
  • Glasses and contacts, eye solutions, etc. If you need that (I do!) Sunglasses are probably a good idea, as well.
  • If you want, your LAPTOP. I’m totally bringing mine….and I’ll have my just-quickly-made cushioned laptop bag to carry it around the conference with! I want my hands free for chatting, exchanging cards, hugs, etc! What to Pack for SNAP! Or Other Blogger Conferences / by
  • Munchies and drinks for travel and in the hotel room. I have a feeling my totally awesome roomies and I will be chowing down on chocolate, ice cream, and yogurt!!! Plus, I’ve GOT to have my Dr Pepper! Gum or tic-tacs may be wise to help with breath as you’re talking to everyone. A water bottle would be a wise item since you’ll be talking. A LOT!
  • Other normal essentials: underwear, pajamas (I’m sure your roommates will be VERY grateful if don’t sleep in the nude while at the conference!), socks, lotion, medicines, etc.
  • If you want to bring your DSLR, feel free. I’ve been told by MANY people that they end up not using it at all, so I’m not even going to try and bring it on my flight.
  • Books or other entertainment for the travelling. I’ve got some e-books I’m dying to read, and now I’ll get some time!

For a FREE printable packing list, the best (and most adorable) one I’ve found is over at Two Twenty One, so head on over and print yours!

Wish me luck for next week…EEEEEK I’m so excited!!!!

If you know of something I should include in this list, please let me know in the comments! I’m hoping I don’t get to the conference next week and have to slap myself in the forehead for missing something important!

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