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Who’s the Hero of Your House?

We’re glad to partner with StarTex Power, a subsidiary of Constellation, to bring you this fun quiz & see who’s the hero of your house! Thanks for sponsoring this fun post! #HeroOfTheHouse

There’s so many ways you can be a hero – by helping others, being brave, caring for animals, the list goes on and on. Another way you can be a hero is by helping your family to save money – so when you keep that particular type in mind, who’s the hero in YOUR home? We’ve got a fun quiz to help you find out!


If you want to skip right to the quiz because you just can’t wait to find out who the hero of the house is, then you can TAKE THE QUIZ HERE.

I took the quiz, and was thrilled at my results – I’m the hero of my house! Woot woot! When talking with my kids about some of the questions, I realized I need to do better at teaching them ways they can help the family save energy – thus saving us money, as well. Here’s some great tips from StarTex Power to help out:

Save on Heating & Cooling Your Home:


That bright sun blaring in, or that snow-chilled wind in the winter, can really affect the temperature in your home. Use curtains – especially blackout ones – to help keep that heat or cold outside. If the evenings cool down quite a bit, you can open the windows during that time to help naturally cool the temperature in your home.


This was one I didn’t know – but makes perfect sense! Planting trees in the right spots in your yard can provide shade not only for when you’re outside and getting a bit hot, but for helping keep your house more cool by blocking some of those hot sun rays.

Watch Your Appliances & Tech:


This is one we do – we skip the dry cycle in the dishwasher. We have a rack & area on our counter where we can empty the clean, wet dishes to then they just air dry. This can save quite a bit of energy, especially if you have a big family that uses a LOT of dishes, like us!


Especially with how common technology devices are nowadays, the power for running and charging them can really add up. I work from home, so my computer takes up quite a bit during the day – but I try my best to turn it off when not in use to cut down on power usage. Using a power strip makes it much easier – plus gives you more outlet space than a wall outlet anyway 🙂

Leave Some Water for the Fishes:

Please tell me I’m not the only one who use to be told ‘save some water for the fishes’ when I’d shower too long, or drank a lot at the water fountain! But it’s true – saving water can really make a difference, especially to your utility bills. Cutting your shower time to 5 minutes can really add up – even one minute less can save up to 5 gallons of water. Times that by the 7 people in my house, and that’s a LOT of saved water!


So – are YOU the true hero of the house? Find out now, and see who can save the most energy after utilizing some of these awesome tips!

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