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Why are LEGO® sets good for Kids?

Our family is completely in love with LEGO® sets. I don’t just mean a little bit – it’s the activity my kids ask for more often than most any other. We have huge totes and buckets full of pieces – the largest supply being from Hubby’s childhood! Yup, our love of these building blocks goes deep – it was his main thing growing up, and now he’s sharing it with his children. Plus, now we can enjoy LEGO® Super Heroes at any age! You may be wondering ‘Why are LEGO® sets good for Kids?‘ Here’s the reasons I personally like best!Since we’re also major super hero fans, the LEGO® Super Heroes: MARVEL and LEGO® Super Heroes: DC UNIVERSEsets are the PERFECT thing for this group of kiddos – and us adults, too!  They bring characters from comic books and new movie releases to LEGO brick form, making great fun for all.

I really wish I’d gotten my family’s reactions on video when I pulled out the two sets we received. You can tell how my hubby and Black Widow responded in the picture above, at least! My boys were equally thrilled, and couldn’t wait to get started on the LEGO® JUNIORS (Ages 4+) that was the perfect level for them. They had so much fun putting together Spiderman and his helicopter, then played for hours with him, Green Goblin and the rescue force dude that came in the set.

They didn’t even need much supervision because LEGO® JUNIORS delivers fun, age-appropriate building sets with easy-to-follow building instructions, colorful photos and playful guidance to help to ensure a smooth transition to independent building. Quick start elements and modular bricks, such as walls and archways, facilitate easy builds—giving children out-of-the-box success.

Reason #1 to why are LEGO® sets good for kids

Storytelling and creative play is inspired by a variety of iconic themes.

My kids LOVE coming up with stories inspired by their favorite super heroes with these sets! It’s so funny to hear them say things such as ‘I’ll get you Green Goblin’ and ‘spider web ahoy’! Hubby and I were grinning ear to ear, remember all the superhero games from when we were little. I’m so glad the love of super heroes is strong in my family!

Reason #2 why we love LEGO® sets for kids’ learning & growth

As children play, they grow confident in their ability to bring stories and ideas to life.

I let Black Widow do the Batman & Deathstroke LEGO® Super Heroes (ages 5-12) set by herself, and it couldn’t be more perfect for her age range! With just very minor help here and there, she really felt good about herself once it was all done!

Reason #3 why you should let your kids play with LEGO®

Because LEGO® Super Heroes is a perfect way to introduce the entire family to the land of make-believe & open-ended play. With something for every age, you are never too young or too much of an adult to build your own version of a superhero with LEGO bricks.

Which brings us to our last reason these are such great toys for kids:

Reason #4 to let your kids play with LEGO® building sets

It really does bridge the gap between generations! We get the grandparents down playing with these guys, building and creating, using their imaginations for new stories and situations. They love it!

What special power does everyone in the family wish they had?

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