Why Moms May Need an Iron Supplement

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Where are my soul sisters at – the fellow ladies and mamas who struggle so hard with energy each day? With all we have to tackle – from meals to budgets, cleaning to raising our kiddos, plus hopefully somewhere in there take care of ourselves, how the heck can we manage it while feeling so tired and fatigued?! That’s just one of several reasons Why Moms May Need an Iron Supplement. And this is coming from someone who was very unsure about supplements – now I know that sometimes they can make a HUGE difference in my health and my life, especially as a busy mom. Check out these other reasons you may want to consider Active Iron, as well…

Helps Reduce Tiredness & Fatigue

This is probably my favorite thing about getting enough iron – I don’t feel nearly as tired throughout the day, despite the busyness and crazy schedules! Years of talking with my friends and other moms, it seems exhaustion and just feeling worn out all of the time is one of our biggest struggles. Why not give NEW Active Iron a try to see if it can help your energy levels? We need every bit of energy we can get to keep up with our kiddos, no matter the age 🙂

Most of Your Iron From Food Doesn’t Get Absorbed

I didn’t know this, but for most people only about 10% of their daily iron is absorbed from their diet. That means that even if we are very focused on what we eat, choose all the best foods, avoid all the additives (who has time for that, honestly) then we would be lucky to get even close to our total recommended amount each day. Taking Active Iron, which gives 2X the absorption rate versus other iron supplements*, can help ensure that you’re getting what your body really needs, giving you the energy you need for your busy mom life! Plus, each Active Iron tablet has 25mg of iron, about 138% of the recommended daily amount (keep in mind yours may vary depending on your body).

**offers twice the absorption of standard ferrous sulfate Wang et al Acta Haematologica 201;138:223-232

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Healthier Muscles

Whether you’re big into exercise and working out – or your workout is an exhausting day full of chasing a 3-year-old around the house – getting enough iron helps your body transport oxygen to the muscles, keeping them healthy and working. I wish I’d known that when I was lugging around my baby twins many years ago, as my arm muscles needed all the help they could get!

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Healthier Organs

Not only does it help carry oxygen to your muscles, but also to your other vital organs – which, as we know, take a beating from pregnancy and motherhood.

Helps with the Many Moments of Womanhood

As women, we have some extra needs for iron – such as when our ‘friend’ visits every month (I know I’m not the only one who feels extra low-energy at these times), or when pregnant. I remember with all my pregnancies, my OB kept recommending iron supplements – but I just couldn’t stomach them! I wish Active Iron was around then, because it probably would’ve helped in so many ways. Nowadays, it’s helping me keep up with my kiddos and all of the demands of parenting life – and I know it’ll help as I start making exercising a priority again because my muscles will need all the assistance they can!

Why Moms May Need an Iron Supplement / Ways to get more energy as a mom #AD #Health #MomHealth #GetHealthy #WomensHealth #ActiveIron

So why choose NEW Active Iron?

I’ve tried other iron supplements, but they were just too harsh on my stomach. I’m the type of person that needs food in my stomach to take medicines and such anyway, but even if I had recently eaten a good meal, they left my stomach feeling pretty gross. That’s one reason I was nervous to try Active Iron – but it’s incredible! It can be taken on an empty stomach – even for me who has never been able to do that with a supplement, vitamin or meds!

Why Moms May Need an Iron Supplement / Ways to get more energy as a mom #AD #Health #MomHealth #GetHealthy #WomensHealth #ActiveIron

So what makes Active Iron so different? Well, they use a unique technology that actually binds iron to a whey-protein complex. This makes it so that the iron doesn’t get released until the small intestine – where it’s absorbed better and has less side effects – instead of releasing in the stomach like most iron supplements. I also love that it features a high potency iron, but in a non-constipating, sugar-free AND gluten-free (for my gluten sensitive friends) protein formula. Plus, no artificial preservatives, of course.

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