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Witch Broom Party Gifts

Okay, I have to admit that I haven’t fully come to terms with the fact that Halloween is this week. I mean, SERIOUSLY! Where the heck did October go?!?! It seems like every year, once October hits time just FLIES until January. Agh!!! Anywho – here’s a fun, simple little Halloween craft that’s great for party favors, neighbor gifts, or even for trick-or-treaters (if you spend more time than I do – I just go straight from the bag, not even putting treats in the bowl). You’ll love this darling Witch Brooms, plus a treat is never bad, right?

Witch Broom Party Gifts / Busy Mom's Helper

Tissue Paper
Black stamp pad, or marker (or Brown, up to you)
Ribbon or thread
Embellishments, tag, etc. to decorate

Use the black stamp pad or marker to color the sucker sticks black. Or brown, if you so desire.

Take about 4-6 square pieces of tissue paper, fanning them out, then poke the sucker stick through the middle. Fold the tissue paper down and around the sucker part, to be the broom piece.

Use ribbon to tie the base of the stick, above the tissue paper, and along the bottom of the sucker. This really helps hold it in place, and give it the ‘broom’ look.

Then just primp it up with a cute card, tag, or embellishments like witch shoes or maybe a black cat. Use a fun saying like ‘We ‘Witch’ You a Happy Halloween’ or ‘Have a Be-Witching good Halloween’. Have fun with it!

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