Witch Cauldron Treat Bucket

Of all the Halloween crafts we’ve been doing this month, my favorite is definitely these Witch Cauldron Treat Buckets! They’re easy to stuff with fun treats, prizes or more and you can easily make them from an empty 2-liter bottle. They’d make great BOO baskets, or for class parties.

Witch Cauldron Treat Bucket Craft

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 You can even customize it to add your own unique personality into each of them – choose your favorite color, use googly eyes or other Halloween accents to really make it your own. I personally love googly eyes – they’re just fun, add dimension and were PERFECT to look like a witch brew ingredients!

Witch Cauldron Treat Bucket Craft


  • Empty, clean & dry 2-liter bottle – top cut and discarded
  • Black Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Puffy Paint in color of choice
  • Hot Glue (if desired)
  • Accents for your ‘witch brew’ – googly eyes, bones, stickers, spiders, etc.
  • Candy, toys, prizes, etc. – to fill treat bucket

Witch Cauldron Treat Bucket Craft


  1. If desired, use hot glue to line the top of the ‘cauldron’ – to keep any sharp edges protected. The puffy paint should cover it fine, but if you want extra protection.
  2. Paint your cauldron black, doing multiple coats if desired. Allow to dry.
  3. Use puffy paint at the top and ‘dripping’ down the edges to look like the ‘witch brew’ is bubbling over. While still a little wet, add your accents to look like ingredients in the ‘brew’. Allow to dry
  4. Add your treats, toys, etc. and gift away!

Witch Cauldron Treat Bucket Craft

See, super easy and QUICK other than drying time! If you wanted, you could easily hot glue a ‘handle’ on with a strip of cardboard (painting black) or something along those lines. I wasn’t sure it would hold, and liked mine better without so didn’t attempt that. I love these little witch cauldrons with their googly eye brew!

Witch Cauldron Treat Bucket Craft

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