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Your Because Moment

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Life’s tough. There, I said it! Whether it’s dumpking sugar all over the floor, doing the school rush TWICE because a lunchbox was left behind, or dropping a basket of clean laundry on a muddy spot on the floor – let Massage Envy help you manage Your Because Moment!

Your Because Moment / by #BecauseMoment #IC #ad

I’ve heard so many people say ‘I can’t get a massage, no time for a luxury like that’. Oh, hun, it’s not a luxury! Sure, it’s a fabulous, wonderful hour or two where the focus is on YOU for a change, but it’s not pampering – it’s an integral part of everyone’s wellness journey. Think of how much we do each day, and how much we focus on everyone else’s happiness and well-being. It’s time your own aches, pain and stress is taken care of – and Massage Envy can  help!

Think about it this way – you take your car in for a tune-up, right? Our bodies work plenty hard, too, and need one even more badly, but too often we don’t take the time. This realization hit me this past year, and it’s made a world of difference!

I have a membership to Massage Envy – gifted to me by my wonderful Sis-in-Law because she could see how desperately I needed to unwind, refresh, and get a better handle on my daily life. Going in every month has been wonderful! As luxurious as it feels, it’s helped me with a lot of my bodies aches – lifting and chasing kids all day, loads of never-ending laundry, plus never getting enough sleep leaves me in major need of a refresh!

Your Because Moment / by #BecauseMoment #IC #ad

Want to know some of my biggest ‘Because Moments’?

  • Because 4 Kids
  • Because Crafts & DIY
  • Because Running Errands
  • Because Traffic
  • Because Laundry
  • Because 2 BIG Dogs

…and my latest: BECAUSE MOVING! Yes, these are just some of my Because Moments that make me realize the importance of taking time for myself and remembering total body care. And as a leader in providing accessible massage and skin care services, Massage Envy is there to help me AND you manage this thing we call living.

Your Because Moment / by #BecauseMoment #IC #ad

What’s YOUR Because Moment?

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