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Ziplining in Hawaii

This Kauai Adventure Trip was provided to me free of charge by Kauai Visitors Bureau, but all opinions are mine alone. #KauaiDiscovery

While we did many things on our visit to Kauai, Hawaii a couple of months ago, the one that pushed my limits and comfort-level the most was definitely Ziplining in Hawaii! I’d done a zipline course in the past, but even at it’s tallest it didn’t add up to the ‘baby line’, so my height-fearing self was really nervous. I made myself face my fears and try it out, though, and am so glad I did because it was AMAZING!

We spent a good 4-5 hours with some of the crew from Outfitters Kaua’i for our zipline adventure, and they helped us through the whole thing. To start off, we drove up to the start – in mountains where scenes from films like Jurassic Park, Pirates of the Caribbean and more were filmed – and they got us all set with our equipment. Don’t stress about doing it properly, because the staff will help you with the harness and everything, making sure it’s all on properly and you’re safe as possible.

Ziplining in Hawaii with Outfitters Kaua'i #Ad #KauaiDiscovery

Ziplining in Hawaii with Outfitters Kaua'i #Ad #KauaiDiscovery

We started with a ‘simple’ zipline, which still went over a really deep valley – but the views were still beautiful, even though it went by so quickly. They helped us at the end, too, so you never have to fear about overshooting or anything.

Ziplining in Hawaii with Outfitters Kaua'i #Ad #KauaiDiscovery

From the smaller one, we went to another where 2 people could do it at the same time – and some could even do it UPSIDE DOWN! Ya, I didn’t choose to do it that way, but still had plenty of fun the regular ‘sitting’ way 🙂 Look how far it is – that yellow arrow is pointing to the platform you get off on…..but guess what? With this one, you actually swing PAST it and way high up over that platform! After you go past a ways, you slide back, then when you stop they raise tall ladders to help you down. Never fear, you’re secured the whole time, even on the ladders.

Ziplining in Hawaii with Outfitters Kaua'i #Ad #KauaiDiscovery

It was getting really hot, so we then went over to a hidden water pond area where we were allowed to do a mini zipline or jump off the plank into the water to cool off. Super fun – and a nice little secret, tropical area in beautiful Kaua’i, Hawaii!

Ziplining in Hawaii with Outfitters Kaua'i #Ad #KauaiDiscovery

Lovely, right? Then it was back to the van to drive up to our last zipline (they have many, but we were just doing the 3 today) – the HUGE FlyLine Kauai Zipline, which is the longest and fastest zipline in Hawaii at over 3/4 a mile going speeds around 60mph! Not only is that enough to make you hesitate, but you ride it SUPERMAN-STYLE! Yup, fully harnessed and head first with your belly down and feet back – insane! Get fully dressed, then climb up all these stairs to the take-off platform…

Ziplining in Hawaii with Outfitters Kaua'i #Ad #KauaiDiscovery

A guide will get you strapped in – and I’ll be perfectly honest, this is the absolute scariest part! You have to lay flat with your head a bit over the edge WHILE you get fully hooked up. Don’t worry, though, because you’re still securely fastened, it just FEELS and LOOKS terrifying!

Here’s a look at how they get you all hooked up…

Then they make sure you’re set to go, pull the lever and you’re off! I was behind my partner at first, but caught up and PAST her pretty quick 🙂 When you near the landing platform, you need to cross your arms over your chest and push your chin down to your chest because it bumps a little on the 2 breaks and you wouldn’t want to accidentally bite your tongue or knock your teeth together.

Once I experienced these lines, I was completely pumped and would’ve done it again in a heartbeat – in fact, it’s on my list of must-do’s next time I visit Kaua’i, Hawaii! I was so grateful to Outfitters Kaua’i for such an incredible experience – and showing me how much I enjoy an activity I thought I’d hate because of my fear!

Don’t forget to book YOUR zipline adventure for your Kaua’i, Hawaii trip!

Stay tuned for more details from my Kauai trip, coming soon!

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