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Sometimes the best job in the world is also the hardest!

The readers of Busy Mom’s Helper are majority women – mainly mothers – with a few awesome men, as well – and I think it’s safe to assume most are BUSY with their lives!

They come here for helpful printables and life tips, encouraging stories, easy-to-replicate crafts and DIY projects, tasty recipes that don’t take forever, as well as travel adventures and stories.

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The reason I began Busy Mom’s  Helper: I wasn’t born with the personality to be a stay-at-home mama. I loved working, loved being all ‘professional’, and loved acting like a ‘grown up’. I love my kids more than anything and am grateful that I am ABLE to stay at home, because right now, for our family, that’s what my kids need. However, I started losing pieces….my identity, MYSELF.

It started small, with a few recipes here and there. I shared random things as I was navigating parenthood, and found many people could relate and were going through the same struggles – and successes – as I was. I then started crafting, and that progressed. I LOVED IT!

But more than that, I was ecstatic that people actually LIKED what I was sharing, and that I didn’t feel so alone – and neither did they. It pushed me harder, and I wanted to share things that were helpful, fun, unique, and something my readers would appreciate.  They were showing me their love and support, so the least I could do was my very best!

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Creative DIY crafts for the whole family.


Unique recipes to cook like a pro.

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Tips & tricks for household management and parenting.


Collection of printables for just about any occasion.

Angela Paris
Kelly Dedeaux
Michelle Jacobs

The Team

Meet The Team

Founder & Author

Kelly Dedeaux

Kelly Dedeaux


Kelly is a stay-at-home mother who has a passion for cooking, arts & crafts, and creative projects. She created Busy Mom’s Helper to inspire others & share her passions with other mothers around the world.


Angela Paris

Angela Paris


Ang Paris is a crafting and cooking mama who is addicted to Pinterest and chocolate! Ang lives with her husband and 2 children in New Hampshire. After more than a decade of multi-tasking in the workplace, she’s now a full-time mom, writer, and blogger who tweets up a storm!


Michelle Jacobs

Michelle Jacobs


Michelle is a young mom and crafts fanatic. In her free time, she loves to write about her latest creations, and how other moms can entertain their children with some colored paper and a pair of scissors!

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