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Printable Star Wars Banner {full alphabet + icons}

Perfect for celebrating Star Wars Day or a Jedi birthday party, this printable Star Wars banner includes all 26 letters of the alphabet, plus four cute character icons.

Printable Star Wars Banner | One Mama's Daily Drama for Busy Mom's Helper

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

Star Wars is super popular right now and it isn’t going away anytime soon. We might be between movies, but May the fourth is always a big geeky celebration. It originated with a pun (May the fourth be with you) but now every year geeks worldwide celebrate.

In my house, I usually make something fun for supper that I can rename to pretend it’s from Star Wars. We watch one of the films as a family and maybe let the kids stay up a bit past bedtime.

Since The Force Awakens came out, my family has been in love with the new little droid BB-8. He’s pretty cute, so I had to include him in this printable.

Printable Star Wars Banner

Decorate for a party or use this banner as a fun photo backdrop.

I made the banner to simply say “Star Wars” and include four different character icons. If you want to say something else, there is also an extra set that includes the whole alphabet. That set also has an exclamation point and a blank square, just in case.

Click to download: Star Wars Banner with character icons OR full Star Wars alphabet

Printable Star Wars Banner

The characters included are Darth Vader, Boba Fett, R2D2, and BB-8. I wanted an even mix of bad guys and good guys. I guess so there would be balance…?

I recommend printing the banner pages on regular 8-1/2”x11” card stock. Cut out each of the flag pieces on the black lines and then use a single-hole punch to make holes in the top two corners of each flag.

Use ribbon or string to run through the holes and hang up the banner. Mine is two pieces that are each about 4 feet long. A single ribbon should work too, but you might need to use more tape.

I just stuck mine up with Scotch tape. It’s nice and light, plus I can move it around without messing up the walls.

Printable Star Wars Banner

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