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Tutu Bow Holder

I now have TWO girls in my family, not including myself. And three boys (four if you count their dad, who’s a kid often as well!). Ya, there’s quite a bit of testosterone at our home. Now, I’m not a very girly person. Feminine, yes, but not much for the frilly, pink butterflies, multiple purses and closet full of shoes type. That being said, my girls do tend to be a bit more into things like hair bows, ribbons, sparkles and such, so I get to enjoy the fun frills and butterflies of motherhood, not just the Hot Wheels and airplanes. And, of course, adorable girly crafts like this Tutu Bow Holder! Originally published January 2014
Tutu Bow Holder Tutorial / Busy Mom's Helper
One of the ‘girly’ things I do like are cute little hair bows. Seriously, I was stocking up on all sorts of these before Black Widow even had enough hair to put a piggy in! Now that she’s 11, she isn’t as into bows as she once was. It’s often headbands (specifically Mavi Bandz). On occasion, though, she allows me to stick one of the cute clips in her hair. Plus, Songbird really loves her hair bows. One problem we have is, they’re often just stuffed in a drawer in their bathroom. Hard to get to, harder to sort through to find the right one.
That’s where this adorable Tutu Bow Holder comes in! I was intimidated at first, but then found that Trisha over at Momdot has the absolute BEST tutorial! I loved her very clear and precise instructions. So for the complete tutorial, go over to her tutorial.
Here’s some photos from the one I made Black Widow years ago…
She picked out all her own colors and supplies. It will fit along quite well with her room makeover that’s currently taking place (first room makeover/remodel in our new house – so excited!!!)
I’m so excited how this turned out!
Here’s the one we recently made for my little cousin’s birthday!
Don’t forget to go see Trisha over at Momdot to get the Tutorial!

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