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100+ DIY Harry Potter Ideas

I’m a HUGE Harry Potter fan and so are my kids, we love reading (and re-reading) the books, and having a Harry Potter movie marathon night, watching as many movies as we can stay awake for. I am always looking for a way to make an evening special and put together a list of the favorite ones that I have come across, enjoy these 100+ DIY Harry Potter Ideas for crafts, recipes, printable and much more!

If you are wanting to do something unique, but crafts are not your thing, check out our Harry Potter Gift Baskets article, it has all of my favorite Harry Potter items to give friends!

100+ DIY Harry Potter Ideas / Round up by Busy Mom's Helper

Golden Snitch Cake Pops By With sprinkles on Top:

Who does not love a magical Harry Potter Craft that includes cake! This is sure to be a big hit with the family and super simple to make with ingredients that are most likely already in your pantry.

Printable Harry Potter Bookmarks By Artsty-Fartsy Momma:

Save your place in your books in style with these adorable bookmarks. These will surely be a hit to your Harry Potter Fan!

Winged Key, Quill, Sorting Hat &  More Ornaments By Easy as DIY: 

Christmas is one of our favorite holidays, we have the main tree(Mom only decorations) and a kids tree they get to choose the theme every year. We loved doing our Harry Potter Crafts for our Christmas tree and making it a special weekend when we put out tree up.

Harry Potter DIY Ornaments / by Easy as DIY / Round up by Busy Mom's Helper

Chocolate Frog Box Printables By Instructable Crafts: 

If you are looking for a Harry Potter craft for a rainy day look no further, this one will defiantly keep the kids busy for a magically afternoon.

DIY Harry Potter Wands & List of Spells By Bambinis:

Every Harry Potter fan needs a proper wand, I don’t know about you, but my kids love a good wizard duel, and these are so simple to make.

DIY Harry Potter Wands & List of Spells / by Bambinis / Round up by Busy Mom's Helper

Harry Potter Potions Class Experiments By Imagination Soup:

What a fun idea for a Harry Potter party, or just an afternoon in with the family, with such simple household items!


Halloween Harry Potter Inspired Sign By The Mountain View Cottage:

Another fun Harry Potter craft, this one takes a little more time, but if you want a Harry Potter Halloween decor theme, this would be so adorable.

Time Turner Inspired Necklace By Thirty Minute Crafts:

Harry Potter Jewelry, need I say more! My daughter went crazy over this, it was a fun way to spend time together and we feel so fancy wearing them during our Harry Potter movie marathons.

Harry Potter Time Turner Inspired Necklace / by 30 Minute Crafts / Round up by Busy Mom's Helper

Deathly Hallow Earrings By Hey Let’s Make Stuff:

These deathly hallow earrings are made with a circuit, what an inexpensive and fun craft idea!

Pocket Pygmy Puffs / found on Craftster / Round up by Busy Mom's Helper

30+ Harry Potter Knitting Patterns By In the Loop Knitting:

I can just picture myself all cozy knitting my Harry Potter Fan a homemade gift. If you are great at knitting this craft is right up your ally.

30+ Harry Potter Knitting Patterns/ by In The Loop Knitting

Cheese and Pretzel Broomsticks By One Little Project:

For your next Harry Potter themed party, these are so simple and are sure to be a hit with your guest.

Pretzel & Cheese Broomsticks / by One Little Project / Round up by Busy Mom's Helper

School Supplies that will make you a Total Hermione By BuzzFeed:

Oh my goodness, this article is full of so many ideas if you have a Hermione fan at home.

21 schoo/office supplies that will make you a total Hermione / found on Buzzfeed

Little Monster Books By Instructables:

What a spooky craft for you little one who wishes they could go to “Care of Magically Creatures Class” at Hogwarts.

Harry Potter Monster Book / by Instructables / Round up by Busy Mom's Helper

Professor Snape’s Potion Labels By Over the Big Moon:

These printable are such great quality, we used them for a Harry Potter craft to keep the kids busy over summer break, we put together a portions class, it was a hit!

Professor Snape's Potion Labels / by Over the Big Moon / Round up by Busy Mom's Helper


Ministry of Magic Identification Card By The RPF:

On one of our many trips to Harry Potter world, we had the kids make these before the trip and they carried them around like passports.  It was so adorable!

Ministry of Magic Identification Card / found on The RPF / Round up by Busy Mom's Helper

10 Harry Potter Costumes By Andrea’s Notebook:

Halloween is right around the corner, I don’t know about you, but I am never impressed by the quality of Harry Potter costumes at the costume store. This article shows you how to put a costume together with everything that you probably have at home already.

10 Harry Potter Costumes / by Andrea's Notebook


Corner Bookmark By Instructables:

Another fun Harry Potter bookmark, these are so easy to put together and you will not lose your spot in your favorite book.

Harry Potter Corner Bookmark / on Instructables / Round up by Busy Mom's Helper

Harry Potter Gifts for the Whole Family By Raegan Ramblings:

This list is amazing when you can quite think of something to gift the potterhead in your life. Raegan Ramblings has you covered, take a look!

Harry Potter Gifts for the Whole Family / by Raegan Ramblings

7 Harry Potter Craft Ideas & Printables By Everything Etsy:

My favorite of this list is the Printables with Professor Dumbledore quotes, such an inexpensive way to gift some wall art.

7 Harry Potter Craft Ideas & Printables / from Everything Etsy

Harry Potter Snitch Cake by Ashlee Marie:

If cake pops are not your thing, then this snitch cake is the perfect treat for your Harry Potter themed party.

Harry Potter Snitch Cake / by Ashlee Marie / Round up by Busy Mom's Helper

Harry Potter Clothespins By Tried and True Blog:

If you have a steady hand these clothespins make an adorable addition to your Harry Potter collection.

Harry Potter Clothespins / by Tried and True Blog / Round up by Busy Mom's Helper

Luna Lovegood Paper Doll Printables By Me and My Inklings:

For the Luna Lovegood fan in the family, this craft will be a defiantly be a hit

Luna Lovegood Paper Doll Printable / by Me and My Inklings / Round up by Busy Mom's Helper

East Harry Potter Mirror By SANETTS CALLA:

This easy cardboard Harry Potter mirror is such a more affordable way to make your space feel magical!

That’s all folks, I hope that these Harry Potter crafts and ideas keep the magic going in your family.


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Treacle Tart

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