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THE Book for Harry Potter Crafts & a Giveaway

The nerdiness of my family continues with our love of all things Harry Potter. My daughter is especially fond of everything to do with the wizarding world! When I showed her The Unofficial Guide to Crafting the World of Harry Potter, she squealed in excitement – literally, and for several minutes as she combed through the pages wanting to try every single project right then and there. Guys, this is like THE Book for Harry Potter Crafts! Trust me, whether you’re a muggle, witch or wizard, this is the perfect gift for Harry Potter fans! Plus an awesome GIVEAWAY!

THE Book for Harry Potter Crafts, the perfect gift for any Harry Potter Fan / by #ad

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 While my girl insisted on doing several crafts in one afternoon, I finally convinced her to just try one for now so that I could take the time to share this with you. It was super hard narrowing it down from the 30 magical wizard crafts to try! We finally decided to start out with a Pencil Wand – the instructions were super simple to follow, and the supplies weren’t hard to find.

We quickly made two pencil wands to show off – and she can’t wait to use them! Whether that’s to have a wizard duel with her friends or write her latest potions assignment, I’m not quite sure, but at least she’ll be prepared for either one!

Muggle, witch or wizard crafts from Harry Potter / by #ad

The Unofficial Guide to Crafting the World of Harry Potter is divided neatly into sections, and here’s just a SAMPLING of projects included in each:

  • The School Trunk: Crafts to Wear
    • Sugar Quill Headband
    • Golden Snitch Necklace
    • Remembrall Ring
  • The Restricted Section of the Library: Crafts for School
    • Spellbook Journal
    • Monster Book of Monsters Tablet Cover
    • Mandrake Root Pencil Holder
  • The Prefects’ Bathroom: Crafts for Style
    • Butterbeer Lip Balm
    • Dementor Soap
    • Dragon Scale face Paints
  • The Great Hall: Crafts to Use Around the House
    • Marauder’s Map Mug
    • Honeydukes Cookie Jar
    • Free Dobby Laundry Hamper
  • The Common Room: Crafts for Your Room
    • Floating Candle Night Lights
    • Mad-Eye Moody Photo Frame
    • Wall Mirror of Erised
  • The Dark Forest: Crafts for the Great Outdoors
    • Slytherin Snake Door Wreath
    • Nargles for the Yard
    • House Banners Doormat

The Unofficial Guide to Crafting the World of Harry Potter / by #ad

Trust me, these THIRTY Harry Potter crafts are so much fun, and simple enough to do for a party, family night or simply because they’re awesome. If you or anyone you know is a Harry Potter fan, you’ve got to nab The Unofficial Guide to Crafting the World of Harry Potter (by Jamie Harrington) now. Then get your magic going with these fabulous projects!

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