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Grow Your Own Blueberries and Reap Their Amazing Health Benefits

Raise your hand if you hate blueberries…yeah, we didn’t expect many hands up. Blueberries are tasty, blueberries are healthy, and they offer a multitude of benefits for our health. Rich in essential vitamins and minerals, they should be a major part of your daily diet. However, just like with all berries and fruit in general, those bought in stores aren’t exactly ideal.

Good news – you can easily grow blueberries at home! It’s quite simple actually and you don’t need to be a botanist to do it. Before we tell you how, let’s check some of their benefits.


Health Benefits of Blueberries

Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, but low on calories, blueberries are the heavyweight champ among berries. The antioxidants can prevent free radical damage to your cells, while they also reduce the risk of heart disease and boost the function of your brain.

Full of fiber and vitamin C, they are great for your digestion and immune system. You’ll also get a nice portion of vitamin K in a cup of blueberries with reduced DNA damage as a plus. In short, these berries are amazing and should be on your menu every day. Once you learn how to grow them at home, you’ll enjoy the benefits of this tasty fruit every day.

How to Grow Your Own Blueberries

To grow your own blueberries, you’ll need to pick the right spot. First and foremost, these berries need a lot of space. They also love sunlight, so make sure you grow them in a sunny area. Planting is done during spring – you’ll have berries ready to pick in July and August.

When it comes to mulch, you can use pine bark, grass clippings or rind mulch. About 2-4 inches should be fine.

Prune the big bushes to strengthen the branches. It goes without mention that dry bits should be removed. Bloodmeal and cottonseed work best for blueberries. Stick to these recommendations and you’ll have a batch ready in no time.


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