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20 Fantastic Sensory Valentine’s Day Projects

I can’t believe how many fun Valentine’s Day activities there are for our kiddos, ranging from simple to full-on home decor! Since some kids do better with certain types of sensory-oriented games and crafts, I thought it’d be fun to share these 20 Fantastic Sensory Valentine’s Day Projects for y’all to enjoy as the holiday gets closer!

20 Fantastic Sensory Valentine's Day Projects

  1. Valentine Sensory Bottle from
  2. Valentine’s Sensory Tub For Toddlers from
  3. Toddler Sensory Play: Valentine’s Day Soup from
  4. Valentine’s Day Sensory Box from
  5. Valentine’s Day Math Sensory Bin For Preschoolers from
  6. Toddler Sensory Play: Valentine’s Day Soup from
  7. Valentine’s Sensory Writing Tray from
  8. Valentine’s Day Sensory Play from
  9. Valentines Activity Bin from
  10. Valentine Sensory Bin from
  11. Valentines Sensory Bin: Strawberry Scented Rice & Hearts – from
  12. Sensory Play: Decorating Cherry Play Clay Hearts from
  13. Marbled Valentine’s Day Playdough from
  14. Reading Sensory Bin from
  15. Scented Valentine Play Dough from
  16. Valentines Sensory Snow Globe from
  17. Sensory Heart Tic Tac Toe from
  18. Sensory Activity from
  19. Valentines Slime Sensory Science Play For Kids from
  20. Valentine’s Day #2 – Chocolate Playdoh from

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