3D Printing in Your Own Home?

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When we were teenagers, 3D printing seemed like something from Star Trek. When it became a bit more common, we still never thought it’d be realistic to actual do 3D Printing in Your Own Home – but it’s now true! With the awesome AtmosFlare 3D Drawing Pen, you can create so many things, all according to your imagination, in the comfort of your own living room!

Now you can do 3D Printing in Your Own Home! #ad #3DPen #FunWith3D

Yup, you heard it right – this new 3D pen allows you to build – well, technically, DRAW – 3 Dimensional creations without some fancy machine or heavy equipment! We gave it a good test, and after a few minutes got just the right speeds and angles needed to make it sturdy.

Now you can do 3D Printing in Your Own Home! #ad #3DPen #FunWith3D

Black Widow even got in on the fun and created her own AT-AT (Star Wars, for those that don’t know – and if you don’t, I’m so sorry!) with the blue color ink! Her biggest issue was just going slower, since she’s use to regular drawing at whatever speed she wanted. This requires a little more patience, but once you’ve got that down you’re set to go.

So how does it work? We were eager to open the box to find that out, too! First, it comes with the large ‘pen’ portion, which has an Ultra-Violet light (there’s a button you can turn it on/off as needed) that heats the pen ink when it comes out to ‘cure’ it so it’s then a solid. You can switch out the ink cartridges to your desired color – this pack came with red and blue. Just hold the pen, squeeze the sides of the ink cartridge and it comes out! One trick – you can draw portions of your overall design flat with the light off to give you time, then cure it with the light. Then connect your different sections upright with a little more ink/light. Viola!

Now you can do 3D Printing in Your Own Home! #ad #3DPen #FunWith3D

I was pretty proud of my palm tree I created – it was my first try with the pen, so entirely judge my artistic capabilities on this one project 😉

Now you can do 3D Printing in Your Own Home! #ad #3DPen #FunWith3D

Now you can do 3D Printing in Your Own Home! #ad #3DPen #FunWith3D

While it’ll take all of us awhile before we’re 3D drawing things like the amazing creations on the AtmosFlare 3D website (check out their turtle!), I know we’ll get better as we practice.

Now you can do 3D Printing in Your Own Home! #ad #3DPen #FunWith3D

For some bonus help – they have FREE courses for 3D drawing at Create In 3D! It really makes a difference being able to SEE the tips and tricks, plus some other projects starting at beginner (yup, that’d be me right now!) on up to advanced. You can nab your pen on Amazon, Walmart.com, BestBuy.com and Toys R Us, so hurry!

What’s the first thing YOU’D make with a 3D Pen?

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