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Best Disneyland Foods in a Hurry

Disneyland is not just an awesome place to have a fun time with your friends and family – its become a destination for food! There’s a chance element when it comes to getting food at Disneyland, quick bites, especially. The hit-and-miss ratio is kind of tight. That doesn’t mean it isn’t worth the risk, because some Disneyland quick eats are out of this world. Some of these delicious and sizable snacks are clever and dramatic twists to old classics and standbys. Others are just plain amazing. Here are my top five choices for the Best Disneyland Foods in a Hurry!

Best Disneyland Foods in a Hurry #disneyland #disneyfood

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Corn Dog at the Little Red Wagon

The legendary Hand Dipped Corn Dog at Disneyland is something you just can’t get anywhere else. Even Walt Disney World corn dogs don’t even come close! Like so many great Disneyland attractions, you can only get it here. Even among the three places in the Disneyland Resort that sell Hand Dipped Hot Dogs, the Little Red Wagon does it best.

Mint Julep and Beignets in New Orleans Square

Don’t worry, this is a non-alcoholic drink with a delicious mix of flavors. To go with it, grab a tasty, warm beignets that even come in pumpkin flavors during certain seasons!

Best Disneyland Foods in a Hurry #disneyland #disneyfood

Churro at Any Churro Cart

Here’s another thing that Disneyland does like nobody else. The churros in Walt Disney World are tasty, and they do have the Churro Ice Cream Sandwich, which is actually really cook. However, Disneyland Churros are served hot and fresh and that makes a ridiculous amount of difference. If you’ve ever had a Disneyland Churro, chances are, you have a hard time getting into the premade versions they have in the other Disney parks.

Loaded Whip at Tropical Hideaway

Just a simple Dole Whip is good enough. It’s refreshing, nostalgic, creamy, perky… It’s basically perfect. However, you can’t miss the chance to completely over indulge with a Loaded Whip at Tropical Hideaway. This unique, over the top take on the Disney classic is something you have to try at least once. The price is shockingly reasonable and it’s edible fun in its purest form.

Best Disneyland Foods in a Hurry #disneyland #disneyfood

Bengal Beef Skewer at Bengal Barbecue

Or anything else here really. You may have a hard time wrapping your head around two food stops as you go through Adventureland, but if you factor in the Tiki Room, the Jungle Cruise, Indiana Jones and Tarzan’s Treehouse; it warrants stopping for another bite. The Bengal Beef Skewer is a tasty chewy treat, that’s even better when combined with other delicious skewers and a tropical beverage.

Disneyland just for Kids? by Nikki Christiansen for Busy Mom's Helper

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Bratwurst at Troubadour Tavern

In the back of Fantasyland, near Mickey’s Toontown Station, you’ll find a little known, unassuming quick service location that serves a unique assortment of satisfying snacks. The Bratwurst is something Cosmo Kramer would hop off of the Disneyland Railroad for. It’s served on a garlic and herb brioche bun with hickory smoked bacon sauerkraut. This is also the only place where you can get a BBQ version of the famous Disneyland Turkey Leg.

Best Disneyland Foods in a Hurry #disneyland #disneyfood

What’s Your Favorite Disneyland Foods you can get in a hurry? I’d love to know your favorite quick bites as well. Do you have a Disneyland food that you have to get every time? Share your favorite (or least favorite) Disneyland foods below!

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