Best Mini Crib Mattress Parents Need

Getting enough sleep is vital for your newborn baby. And considering that they need anywhere from 15 to 17 hours per day, that’s a lot of time that needs to be spent resting for them.

So, as a parent, you want to make sure that they’re comfortable enough to not have their sleep constantly interrupted. No one wants a cranky baby, after all!

For you as a parent, this means finding the best possible mattress for your little one that is comfortable and supportive enough for your baby to get those uninterrupted naps.

Fortunately, there is a wide selection of crib mattresses available to buy right now, read why that is important I our how to lower a crib mattress article. But unfortunately, that also means picking out one is a logistical nightmare!

Don’t worry, though, because we have you covered!

With years of experience reviewing the best products in the field, as well as lots of first-hand accounts on the quality of these items, this guide contains the best crib mattresses for babies that you’ll find out there, as well as some helpful tips and advice that you can keep in mind when searching on your own for a crib mattress for your little ball of sleepy sunshine, like when to lower your crib mattress.

If you’re looking for a quick answer for the overall best crib, you should be looking at the Dream On Me Sunset Extra Firm Fiber Mini Mattress.

Now, if you want to see how and why we came to this conclusion, as well as see what makes its competitors good or even better in some categories, read on!



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32.2 x 22.3 x 13.4 inches

Dream On Me Sunset Extra Firm Fiber Mini Mattress

30 x 30 x 38.25 inches

Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer Mini Mattress

38"L x 24"W x 4" inches

Delta Serta Sleeptrue Mini Crib Mattress

Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer Mini Mattress

Starting off this list with an option that will put any worries about your baby or toddler sleeping enough to bed (quite literally here), we have Moonlight Slumber’s Little Dreamer mattress.

When it comes to comfort, this mattress might be one of the best out there that we have tested.

The medical-grade material used in creating this mattress is incredibly comfortable, and will almost certainly guarantee a quiet night for your baby or toddler.

Parents who had bought not only reported long uninterrupted sleep from their infants, but also some of the deepest and longest too. So it must be doing something right!

Not only that. But the mattress itself is dual-sided, with one being perfect for newborn sleep patterns, and the other side being ideal for young toddlers whose sleep patterns and rhythms will be changing.

So, you’re effectively buying 2 mattresses for one here and thinking of the future once your little one starts entering their toddler years.

Plus, the mattress even comes waterproof as well, meaning that it can even handle minor midnight leaks from your baby if there are any unfortunate bathroom accidents.

Pair this feature with a good crib bed sheet, and you’ll pretty much guarantee the long-term lifespan of this product.

So, if you’re looking for one of the best mattresses out there for babies, you know where to look!


  • The dual-sided mattress is perfect for both newborn infants and young toddlers while they are in their cribs.
  • It is one of the most comfortable mattresses on the market right now, with long uninterrupted sleep for your little ones.
  • The mattress even has minor waterproofing built into it!
  • The mattress is a good balance of soft comfort and safe firmness for your infant.


  • The toddler/newborn sides aren’t effectively marked, so it could be tricky to figure out which side is which.

Also Available From: Sleep Moonlight

Delta Children Serta SleepTrue Mini Crib Mattress

As we previously touched on in the last section, unfortunate leak accidents are all too common with babies and young toddlers, no matter how good their diapers are even.

So, if you’re looking for a good mattress, it is important to be looking for one that will survive multiple accidents in the early stages of your babies’ development.

Fortunately, this is something that Serta was keeping in mind when they were designing their portable mini crib mattress.

The 100% vinyl quilted pad isn’t just for comfort, as it provides plenty of that vital waterproofing that will help you handle any midnight accidents that your toddler may have.

Not only that, but the vinyl quilting also makes it pretty durable too, meaning that not only will it last a long time, but it will also be able to stand up to pretty much any kind of rough-and-tumble punishment that your infant can put this mattress through!

Add to that the fact that the mattress can be folded up, compressed and put in a much smaller carrying container, and you have yourself a handy mattress that can be taken anywhere that your little one goes.

We found this one to be perfect for a newborn who wants a little comfort of home, wherever they might be!


  • Waterproof vinyl design, great for any unfortunate accidents your baby may have.
  • The design is durable and will last for a long time.
  • The mattress is easily transportable and can spring back into shape once it is taken out of its storage.


  • While not uncomfortable, there are softer crib mattresses out there that you can find out there.

Babyletto Pure Core Mini Crib Mattress

A crib mattress that can handle a couple of midnight leaks is great for a baby, making sure that your baby is living in a clean and healthy environment is just as important. And part of that is making sure that pollutants aren’t affecting your baby’s health.

This is something that Babyletto had in mind when they were creating their Pure Core mini crib mattress, as it is designed to help you give your infant the best start in their young lives.

So, how does it do that? Well, the materials that this mini crib mattress is made with are made with zero harsh chemicals or materials.

This means that not only is this mattress flame retardant, but also contains no added chemicals to make it as such, as well as no synthetic latex or dyes that can potentially harm your child over time.

So it is a clean product, from manufacturing to the crib!

Plus, the sheet that the crib mattress comes with can be taken off and washed separately, so you won’t have to worry about those little accidents ruining the overall quality of this item.

Add to that a lightweight design that makes it easy to carry around and transport, and it is not hard to see why so many parents and other customers recommend this particular crib mattress!


  • Made from non-harsh chemicals, whilst still being flame-resistant. No harsh chemicals in this product!
  • The mini-mattress is light and easy to move/transport like a pack and play.
  • The crib mattress sheet can be taken off and washed from the main item.


  • The zipper this mattress cover comes with has been known to break for some customers.

Also Available From: Babyletto

Dream On Me Sunset Extra Firm Fiber Mini Mattress

Of course, we don’t want to be folks that offer you products simply because they’re popular with other customers.

If we are offering crib mattresses to you, we want to be finding the best items, not the ones that have sold the best.

However, just sometimes, you’ll find a product that manages to do both. And based on what we have found with Dream On Me’s Sunset fiber mini mattress, this product has managed to do just that!

Like many of the best mini crib mattresses, this product is made using safe and soft materials that are free from any toxins that could affect your baby’s health just link the baby safe paint for cribs post. .

However, simply being not dangerous to sleep does not, as they say, a good mattress make.

So, with its firm, but still soft, stuffing that does not create indents when your child lies on it, as well as a high-density polyurethane filling that adapts to your baby’s weight, it is reassuring to see that the hype for this mattress is more than just talk.

Add to that mattress sheets that can be easily removed and cleaned quickly after a late-night accident, as well as a light, yet comfortable design, and you have yourselves a very competently made product that will be perfect for your developing baby!

If we did have any issues that we found in our testing, it was that the occasional crinkling could potentially start to be irritating for long slumber.

However, a properly fastened bedsheet can mitigate this, leaving you with all the perks that we’ve mentioned!


  • The 3-inch polyurethane mattress design is soft for your infant to sleep on, without losing firmness over time.
  • The light design makes this mattress easy to handle and move.
  • This mattress’s sheets can also be easily taken off and washed.
  • This mattress is made from safe materials that keep your baby healthy, without losing flame resistance too!


  • While perfect for naps, the crinkly noise of the mattress cover at night could disrupt a baby’s sleep pattern.

Also Available From: Walmart

Graco Premium Foam Crib Mattress

In the past couple of years, memory foam has taken the mattress industry by storm. Heck, even the last entry that we covered couldn’t completely shy away from the stuff!

So, you can imagine how comfortable a crib mattress design that has been built around this material is going to be!

Graco has plenty of experience making comfortable items for your baby to be using for early development, so you’d better believe that their memory foam mattress will be the most comfortable sleep that they can get with this item!

Plus, this mattress also comes with many of the extra features that you should be looking for in a good baby mattress, including a lightweight build, and easy-to-remove covers for easy cleaning.

Any parent, ourselves included, would benefit from these handy features!

Plus, with three health certifications from Certipur-US, GreenGuard Gold, and JMPA, this might be one of the healthiest mattresses for your baby to sleep on. Certifiably so, no doubt!


  • The memory foam mattress melds to your infant’s body shape, making it an incredibly comfortable mattress to sleep on for them.
  • Compared to some options on this list, this is a relatively inexpensive product to buy.
  • Certified by three separate authorities when it comes to clean, non-toxic materials and items, so you won’t need to worry about your child’s health.


  • During our research, we found that some products have had issues fully expanding to their full height once they have been shipped. Make sure to check yours.

Also Available From: Walmart

Organic Dream Mini Crib Mattress

Organic Dream isn’t just a catchy or intriguing name for this particular product. Here, it is also a great indicator of what has gone into this top-quality mattress for your little one!

For starters, this mattress is 100% home-grown in the US, with the materials that have gone into it are ethically and sustainably sourced.

So not only will you be buying an excellent product, but you’ll be supporting an all-US company and its staff too!

Plus, this particular mini crib mattress is made to be fully breathable, allowing airflow to circulate throughout the mattress.

While this also helps keep the item from smelling fresh, it also has the more helpful benefit of reducing the risk of suffocation for your baby, a vital feature to have for children at this vulnerable stage of development.

Plus, the small mini-mattress design has pretty much anything else that you could ask for from a product like this, from being certifiably made from non-toxic products to a comfortable design that assists your infant in having longer and more peaceful sleep cycles.

Plus, it is dual designed for both newborns and toddlers! What more could you want from a mattress like this?


  • A breathable mattress reduces the risk of your baby suffocating, as well as helps keep the item smelling fresh.
  • Certified for non-toxic emissions with Green Guard Gold
  • The mattress is also dual-staged for both infants and toddlers, giving the product longevity.
  • Materials are sustainably sourced for this mattress and are manufactured by and in the US.


  • This product isn’t as water-resistant as some of the others we have tried before, and covered in this list.

Also Available From: Organic Dream

Buyer’s Guide

So, we have taken you through some of the best mattresses that you can currently buy for your little one.

However, there is an entire world of mini crib mattresses out there that we couldn’t hope to cover here, so you may want to keep searching.

If that is the case, make sure that you know what features are most important for you and your baby in your search, with this short guide.

The Right Fit/Size

This might seem obvious to some, but it is worth stating again that a good mini crib mattress needs to be the right size for the crib it is going to be placed in, snugly if possible there is a difference between mini crib vs crib mattress size.

This is to make sure that your child is at no risk of becoming trapped between the mattress and the crib.

Being the curious little souls that they are, babies and toddlers may try to move around their crib, and a mattress that allows for too much room between it and the crib can cause them to trap themselves and even suffocate, so make careful measurements before purchasing!


On the morbid subject of suffocation, you should also make sure that your mattress is made to allow airflow through the fabric and materials it is made from.

There is a risk that, even with a correctly fitted mattress, your baby finds that they cannot breathe well or easily if they are sleeping face down, as babies are notorious for moving in their sleep.

A mattress with good airflow will help mitigate this problem, allowing your baby to rest easier, regardless of what position they end up in.

It also has the added benefit of preventing a buildup of odors in your mattress, as a side bonus!

Water Proof

Let’s face it: At some point, your baby or toddler is going to end up having an accident while they are sleeping. And while they’ll probably be wearing diapers to bed, diapers can only do so much.

Because of this, the mattress that you purchase for the little one must have at least some amount of water resistance in some form.

Some mattresses have hydrophobic fabrics that they are made from, making them quite appealing to many parents.

However, this can also impact the softness of the mattress, so keep that in mind when purchasing.

Many other mattresses can be bought with covers to protect them instead, which also allows for easy removal and changing.


A mattress has to be comfortable for your child if they want to get a full nap or night’s sleep.

Memory foam mattresses, like our adult versions, can allow for a comfortable sleep, whilst also stopping your child from moving too much, helping keep their sleep peaceful.

Certified Non-Toxic

This is something that most, if not all, mattresses have to qualify for, so it shouldn’t be an issue when searching for a mattress made from non-toxic materials for your baby.

However, make sure that your mattress is certified by GreenGuard Gold, JMPA, or Certipur-US, as these are official organizations whose ratings can be trusted.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Counts As A Mini Crib Mattress?

Mini crib mattresses tend to be made at around 24 inches by 36 inches, making them perfect for fitting in most models of mini cribs.

However, some can be smaller than this, so make sure you have accurate measurements for both before purchasing.

Why Use A Mini Crib Over A Normal Crib?

Aside from taking less room in a living space (great for smaller homes), mini crib mattresses also tend to be a little thinner than standard crib mattresses, making them more breathable for little ones.

Plus, mini mattresses can also double up as play mats as they get older too! If you are wondering “does a crib mattress expire?” read that here.

Final Thoughts

So, after reading all of our recommendations- which mini crib mattress will you buy? Go get one today!

Looking for a crib with a changing table check out our buyers guide!

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