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Best Non-Toxic Bassinet – Buyer’s Guide & FAQ

Bassinets are commonly used as starter beds for newborns, providing them with a small and safe space until about the age of six months, when they can be transitioned into a crib.

However, it’s absolutely essential that furniture for babies and children is non-toxic, in order to prevent these young children from harmful chemicals and toxicants. 

There are plenty of non-toxic bassinets available on the market, but it can be difficult to determine which are the best.

Through our own personal testing, we’ve determined the five best non-toxic bassinets, which offer comfort and safety to your newborn.

We’re presented our results in the guide below, along with buyer’s advice. The overall best non-toxic bassinet is the Mika Micky Baby Bassinet Bedside Sleeper

Best Non-Toxic Bassinet – Buyer’s Guide & FAQ



Star Rating 

Amazon Link

1 (Best)

Mika Micky Baby Bassinet Bedside Sleeper

2 (Runner-Up)

BabyBjorn Cradle


Babyletto Gelato Mini Crib


Evolur Stellar Bassinet And Bedside Sleeper


Tadpoles Cable Knit Moses Basket Bassinet

Product Reviews

Today we’re looking at the 5 best non-toxic bassinets, with a detailed breakdown of what makes each product so great.

1. Mika Micky Baby Bassinet Bedside Sleeper

Our first place choice goes to the Mika Micky Baby Bassinet, which offers plenty of features to give your newborn a comfortable and safe night’s sleep. You can buy one here.

What Makes It Great?

For a start, this bassinet from Mika Micky is non-toxic in its construction and materials, which is perhaps the most essential part of choosing a bassinet or a crib for your baby.

Nobody should be exposed to harmful chemicals and toxicants, especially babies and children, because they’re at increased risk and it could prove fatal. 

Thankfully, this bassinet is ASTM certified and it complies with the standards of CPSIA and CPSC. 

Besides the safety of its materials, the bassinet also uses a 2-side breathable mesh for its walls.

This allows for maximum breathability, keeping your baby cool and airy, rather than making them hot and stuffy. On top of that, the material allows parents to easily check on their baby at all times. 

Even better, there are 2 side pockets on the bassinet, which can be used to store important baby essentials.

For example, you can have baby clothes or baby changing supplies right there at the bassinet, immediately to hand.

We found that this was really useful, because you’ll often be in a hurry when trying to get baby essentials, and this leaves them right there.

On top of that, the bassinet has wheels to help you move it around. However, they thankfully have brakes, which means that you can bring them to a sharp halt if needed.

The bassinet is recommended until your baby is 5 months old or 33 pounds in weight, or until they’re able to pull themselves upright.

There is a downside with this bassinet, and that’s the fact that it can be converted into a co-sleeper.

A co-sleeper is NEVER safe for your baby, because it increases the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), since babies can easily be squashed or suffocated if they’re sharing a sleeping space.

So, make absolutely sure that you don’t use the co-sleeping function. Instead, keep the bassinet bedside, with the bay safely kept within its walls.


  • Non-toxic 
  • Breathable mesh walls
  • Built-in wheels with safety brakes
  • Side pockets for storage


  • It can be converted into a co-sleeper – which you should NEVER do. Co-sleepers can put your baby at risk of SIDS. 

2. BabyBjorn Cradle

Our next choice is this bassinet from BabyBjorn, which offers an extremely safe and stylish design, and it’s also got the benefit of being non-toxic. You can buy one here

What Makes It Great?

The key thing about this bassinet is that it’s made with child-friendly materials, with the manufacturers ensuring that it’s been constructed with materials that don’t contain any allergenic or harmful substances.

It’s a non-toxic bassinet that’s perfect for keeping your baby safe, certified to contain no toxic materials or paints.

On top of that, the materials have been tested to be kind to your baby’s skin.

We find that this is especially important, because baby’s skins are so delicate, and the fabric used for this bassinet felt super soft and left no unwanted rashes or anything on our baby’s skin.

Additionally, the fabrics are even harmless when chewed, which is extra useful considering how babies get!

Even better, the cradle fabric and the mattress’ waterproof cover can be easily removed and machine washed. We all know how messy a baby can be, so it’s incredibly useful to be able to clean these parts of the bassinet whenever necessary.

We found that unzipping them was simple and quick, and the fact that the mattress cover was waterproof helped to keep it in good condition anyway.

The design of the bassinet also helps your baby to have a supremely comfortable night’s sleep.

The sides are soft and breathable, and the decision to use sides like these rather than bars helps to avoid babies getting their feet or hands trapped.

Additionally, the bassinet should rock back and forth gently as the baby moves, or parents can rock it. We found that this gentle motion really helped the baby to sleep longer and more peacefully.


  • Non-toxic
  • Materials that are kind to baby’s skin
  • Fabric and mattress cover can easily be removed and washed
  • Soft and breathable design
  • No bars – stops baby’s hand or feet getting trapped


  • Bars at least make it easier to see the baby from the outside

3. Babyletto Gelato Mini Crib

Our next choice for a non-toxic bassinet is the Babyletto Gelato mini crib, which is small enough to be used as a bassinet. You can buy one here

What Makes It Great?

When it comes to making this bassinet non-toxic, extra attention has been paid to the painting process.

Too many pieces of furniture and equipment are finished in paints that contain toxic chemicals, but thankfully this bassinet has been finished with a non-toxic painting and staining process.

On top of that, the processes are safe from phthalate and lead, keeping your baby even safer.

In addition to the non-toxic painting process, the bassinet is Greenguard Gold certified, which is one of the highest standards when it comes to non-toxic products.

In order to be certified, the bassinet has been tested for more than 10,000 chemicals and VOC’s. The final result is a product that helps to add to clean indoor air, giving the bay a healthier environment to sleep in.

But what about the crib’s design? Well, we find that it’s got a stylish, modern design to it, with a minimalist and uncluttered aesthetic that’s sure to keep your baby calm and happy.

You can get it in a few different color schemes, too, with pure white or a blend of white and black. Having the choice is useful, because it allows you to pick an aesthetic that your baby appreciates.

Since this is a mini crib, rather than a straight up bassinet, it can actually be used for newborns babies all the way up to 18 months of age.

However, if you want to treat it like a bassinet, then you’ll be moving your baby onto a crib after about six months. 

With that being said, you can actually buy a toddler bed conversion kit that will allow you to transition this bassinet into a toddler bed, or you can even convert it further into a twin bed for kids.

This versatility is really useful if you love the product and want to adapt it as your baby grows up.


  • Non-toxic and Greenguard Gold certified
  • Non-toxic painting and staining process
  • Stylish, modern design
  • Can be converted into larger beds
  • Acts as bassinet and mini crib


  • There are hinged bolts on the inside of it, which need to be covered up by a tall mattress to keep your baby safe from scraping against them

4. Evolur Stellar Bassinet And Bedside Sleeper

Our next pick is the Stellar bassinet from Evolur, which is made from high quality materials that provide your baby with a comfortable, safe time. You can buy one here

What Makes It Great?

When it comes to safe materials, the Evolur Stellar bassinet has plenty of positives.

For one, it’s been made out of a fabric that’s both soft and non-allergenic, which makes it perfectly comfortable for the baby to rub their skin against. 

On top of that, the mattress pad has been manufactured out of polyurethane fiber, and the quality materials have been tested by 3rd party labs for the presence of lead and other toxic elements.

After testing, the bassinet has met or surpassed ASTM and CPSC standards.

As for the bassinet’s other qualities, we love how lightweight it is. We were able to move it around the house with ease, putting it in whatever room it was needed in. In addition to that, the stylish and modern design made it look a treat too. 

However, it isn’t just all form and no function, because the stylish mesh panels on the sides actually help to give airflow to your baby.

On top of that, they also make it easier for you to see the baby, which helps you to better keep them safe and cater to their needs.

The height is also easily adjustable, allowing you to get it right alongside your bed, keeping your baby feeling calm and loved.

However, remember not to let the walls down when the bassinet is next to your bed, because turning it into a co-sleeper can be dangerous and fatal. 

This bassinet is recommended for babies up to the age of 6 months, or the weight of 25 lbs. Once they reach that, they should move into a crib, because they’re larger.


  • Non–allergenic fabric 
  • Materials tested for lead and other toxic elements
  • Lightweight and stylish
  • Easily adjustable height (learn how to lower crib mattress here)


  • Mesh walls don’t offer quite as much visibility as bars

5. Tadpoles Cable Knit Moses Basket Bassinet

We’re finishing our list with an unexpected pick, because this bassinet from Tadpoles might not look exactly how you imagine a bassinet to look!

Instead, it’s more of a comfy basket that’s designed for newborns to sleep in, and they can do so until about 5 months of age or until they weigh 15 pounds. You can buy one here

What Makes It Great?

This basket bassinet really stands out for two key reasons.

The first is that it’s entirely organic, made from 100% all natural palm leaves that have been woven into the beautiful design of the basket.

As a result, you can bet that this bassinet contains absolutely no toxic materials in it, since it’s so completely authentic. 

The second reason is its totally unique appearance, essentially being a beautiful woven basket that’s been fitted with cozy bedding and your child can sleep snuggly in.

We found the basket totally charming to use, and the baby found the cozy little enclosure very relaxing.

Where all the other bassinets we looked at were elevated on legs, as are all traditional bassinets, this bassinet basket sits on the floor.

Though it can be inconvenient bending over to tend to your baby, and you need to ensure you step well around the basket, the placement has a lovely, peaceful appearance to it.  

Its design also makes it a lot more movable than a bassinet, and it even has handles so that you can lift it up and put it down easily. However, it’s not recommended that you lift it up with the baby still inside.

The basket bassinet measures 33x10x14 inches, and it’s recommended that you only use it until the baby is either five months old or has reached 15 pounds in weight.

This weight limit is admittedly a downside, because it’s a far lower limit than other bassinets on this list, because those can secure much heavier weights thanks to their designs and legs. 


  • Non-toxic, all natural manufacturing of woven palm leaves
  • Beautiful, stripped-back appearance
  • Very cozy for the baby, thanks to the bedding
  • Easy to move when baby isn’t in it


  • No legs, so not elevated like other bassinets
  • Lower weight limit than other bassinets

Frequently Asked Questions

When Should A Baby Stop Using Its Bassinet? 

The answer is different for every baby, but generally a baby should stop using their bassinet between being 4 and 6 months of age.

However, if the baby has learned to roll, sit up, or stand, then you need to move them out of the bassinet immediately and into a crib. Once they’re able to pull themselves up, they could fall over the low walls of the bassinet.  

What Can Make A Bassinet Toxic?

Various things can make a bassinet toxic, such as certain woods, plastics, paints, glues, and more. As a result, it’s especially important you always find non-toxic bassinets (and non-toxic furniture in general) for your baby.

Buyer’s Guide

Throughout our product reviews, you will have noticed certain features appearing over and over.

These are the kinds of things you’ll want to look out for when you’re choosing which non-toxic bassinet is best for your baby, and we’ve narrowed the features down for you below.


First and foremost, you need to ensure that the bassinet is non-toxic.

There are all kinds of different certifications that bassinets can earn to prove that they are safe in some regard, but you want to find one that explicitly states that there have been no toxic materials, paints, finishes, and more.

Additionally, try to find one that has countless different safety certifications, and has also passed tests from a 3rd party lab.

Legs Or Basket?

Almost all of our products were elevated bassinets on legs, except for our last entry, which was a basket that sits on the ground.

Traditional bassinets do come on legs, and this is how many people will want them. However, you might prefer the basket approach.

Either way, the legged bassinets have the advantage of being easier to access, and they can sit at the same height as your bed so your baby feels better connected.

No Co-Sleeper

It’s important to keep the walls of your bassinet up. Co-sleepers are dangerous and could cause the fatal SIDS. As a result, if you have your bassinet bedside, make sure the walls are all up, so that nothing can roll in or out of the bassinet. 

Bars Or Mesh?

Both types of bassinet wall have their benefits. Bars allow you to see the baby more clearly, but their hands or feet can sometimes get trapped in them.

On the other hand, mesh walls won’t trap any baby parts, but they offer a more limited side-view for the parents. If you do go for mesh, though, make sure it’s breathable.

Final Thoughts

It’s essential you only get baby products that are non-toxic, and a bassinet is no different. Find the best non-toxic bassinets with our guide. Our pick for the overall best product is linked below!

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