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You get up in the morning, and it’s finally the day you’ve been waiting for. The beach party is today. Waist beads are an excellent choice for standing out from the crowd at beach parties. As everyone’s bodies are revealed, waist beads pop out.

Best String for Waist Beads

Unfortunately, waist beads are prone to breaking if the string holding the beads is not of good quality. Wouldn’t it be disastrous if your waist beads got ripped during the party? All the beads will get lost.

Whether you’re a craftsman who sells waist beads or a person who makes waist beads for fun, the first thing you should keep in mind is the quality of the string.

There are thousands of strings on the market, we bring you a list of the best string for waist beads to make your job easier. Let’s check them out!



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Cridoz 0.5mm Clear Elastic String.

Paxcoo 0.8mm Elastic String

Zealor 2 Roll 1 mm Elastic String Cord

EuTengHao 0.8mm Crystal String

EuTengHao 10 Packs Crystal String 0.8mm Elastic String

Top 8 Best string for Waist Beads Reviews in 2024

After spending hours and hours, we stumbled upon some of the finest strings for waist beads.

These strings are unlikely to fail your waist beading project due to their stretchy nature to their strong holding capability. Check out the highlighted features to see which string fits your needs.

#1. Cridoz 0.5mm Clear Elastic String.

As we have said earlier, waist beads getting ripped or broken is a common cause. This happens because the string just isn’t strong enough to hold the beads and withstand the stretch. Keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at this string.

The Cridoz string is made out of clear elastic rubber. Because of this, the string can withstand lots of stretching as the string itself can stretch. This feature eliminates the possibility of getting ripped, well, eliminates most of it.

As the string is only 0.5mm thin and transparent, it won’t be visible unless you look for it. This helps make your waist bead appear more appealing. Trust us; sometimes, the visibility of the string can ruin the beauty of the bead.

This clear elastic string is not only perfect for waist beads but also great for seed beads, pony beads, bracelets, DIY masks, necklaces, and jewelry. You name it, and it will do the job.

If you are trying to make waist beads, obviously, you’ll need beading needles, right? Well, Cridoz got you covered.

With the string, you get two large eye-beading needles. They are made out of steel and are very flexible.

The Cridoz 0.5mm clear elastic string comes with a roll, two large eye beading needles. It has everything you need to accomplish your waist beading project.

Highlighted features:

  • Made out of elastic rubber that can withstand high stretch.
  • The string can extend/stretch to some extent.
  • It can be used for various purposes, such as bracelets or necklaces.
  • Comes with two large eye-beading needles.

#2. Paxcoo 0.8mm Elastic String

Sometimes 0.5mm strings are not going to cut it. You need strings that have a greater diameter. If you are looking for something thicker than 0.5mm, we got just the right one for you.

The Paxcoo elastic string has a diameter of 0.8mm, which means it will have a stronger holding power than 0.5mm strings. It will even provide additional durability. So now you can stack as many beads as you want.

The string is 120 meters or 131 yards long. With such a long string, you can make thousands of waist beads. Maybe even open up a commercial waist beads business? Use this string to make different types of macrame knots or whichever crafts you’d like!

The core characteristics remain the same as before. You get a roll of string that is transparent in color and can stretch.

Being crystal clear or transparent in color makes it less visible to the naked eye, which pops out the beads more.

The key difference between strings that can stretch and strings that can’t is that the former can mold into waists pretty fine. As it can increase its length, it fits perfectly.

The Paxcoo 0/8mm elastic string is tough, durable, hard to break, and might be the best string for waist beads.

Highlighted features:

  • The string is made out of elastic-plastic rubber.
  • It has a diameter of 0.8mm.
  • Can stretch and increase its length.
  • The string is 120 meters long.
  • Has a crystal clear color.

#3. Zealor 2 Roll 1 mm Elastic String Cord

We have talked about transparent strings enough. What if you want to show your strings along with the beads? The Zealor 2 roll elastic string/cord got you covered.

As the title suggests, this product comes with two rolls of elastic cords/strings. The first one is black, and the second one is white. The plastic roll makes the job easy to wrap the string around it after use.

The Zealor string is made out of polypropylene fabric, which sits on the softer side. This means that you will feel very comfortable wearing this on your waist. You can also call this string “cotton thread for waist beads.”

Being 1mm in diameter, this string/cord can easily be held by hand. This means you can conveniently tie knots, which again means that this will be a great string for tie-on waist beads.

The 1mm thickness also guarantees a good holding capability. You can rest assured that this string will stand the test of time.

Even if you manage to break the string, each roll is 100 meters long, so you can just use as much string as you want.

The Zealor string offers break resistance, high durability, comfort and also comes at a reasonable price. Truly the best string for tie-on waist beads.

Highlighted features:

  • Comes in black and white color.
  • Plastic roll for convenient storage.
  • Both string rolls are 100 meters long.
  • 1mm thickness for strong holding power.
  • The string is made out of polypropylene fabric.

#4. EuTengHao 0.8mm Crystal String

We have reviewed a crystal clear string of 0.8mm diameter earlier, but is this one the same as before, or does it have any uniqueness to attract you? Let’s find out.

The previous 0.8mm crystal string came with only one roll. For almost the same price, EuTengHao is offering two rolls of crystal string. Each of the rolls is 120 meters or 393ft long. So you get a total of 220-meter long crystal string.

The EutengHao 0.8mm string is made out of elastic thread polyester. It is a combination of rubber and plastic. Because of the combination, it both looks beautiful and offers immense strength to your waist beading.

The usage is not only limited to waist beads, though. You can do jewelry works, make bracelets, necklaces, and other DIY crafts with this string. As it is transparent/crystal clear, you won’t notice the string. This pops out the beads.

The great thing about this brand is that they provide a 30-day refund. If you find your product to not deliver what it’s supposed to, you can get a refund from the seller.

It can’t go wrong with so many things the EuTengHao 0.88mm string is providing. An excellent choice for waist beads.

Highlighted features:

  • Two 120 meter string rolls for the price of one.
  • The string has a diameter of 0.8mm.
  • It is made out of elastic thread polyester.
  • It’s crystal clear in color.

#5. EuTengHao 10 Packs Crystal String 0.8mm Elastic String

This 10 packs crystal string is the sibling to the previous EuTengHao 0.8mm string we reviewed. Does it offer anything new? Is it better? Should you buy it? Let’s find out these answers.

This EuTengHao, 10 pack crystal string, is targeted towards people who need variations in their waist beads. It could make a great low-priced mothers day gift as well!

The previous one offered only one option, which was transparent, crystal clear color. This one, on the other hand, offers 10 different colors.

The colors are brown, yellow, baby pink, red, purple, black, white, green, blue, and orange. The only downside is that you’ll have to get all of these together. You can’t select whatever color you like.

The colors are not the only ones that got an upgrade. Previously, each roll was 120 meters long. Now you get 150 meters. Yes, you get 30 meters more in each roll.

If we are talking about build quality, it is the same as before. This 0.8mm thick crystal elastic string is made out of elastic thread polyester.

 Yes, you are getting the same durability and holding capability as before. But that’s definitely not a bad thing.

So, if you need lots of colors in your waist beads, the EuTengHao 10 pack 0.8mm string will be a fantastic choice.

Highlighted features:

  • Comes in a pack of 10 colors/rolls.
  • String made out of elastic thread polyester for high durability.
  • Each roll of the string is 150 meters long.
  • The string is 0.8mm thick.

#6. Mandala Crafts Elastic Cord Stretchy String

Suppose you are a person who does not care about the cost of the string. Instead, you care about the durability and strength of the string; we got just the right thing for you.

The Mandala crafts elastic string is made out of nylon polyester. The first nylon thread for waist beads on this guide.

Nylon is naturally stronger and can stretch more than polyester. Combining both of these, and you get a powerhouse. Unparalleled in strength.

Adding more weight to strength, the string has a diameter of 2mm. It is thick and dense. This should give you an idea of how strong and durable it is.

The only downside of this string is that it is only 69 meters long. Similarly priced cords have a length of around 100 meters. Well, this might not be an issue for the majority. We are just informing you.

One of the coolest things about this string is that you get to choose between 33 different and attractive colors. You can order each color individually.

Yes, we know it’s shorter than most of the strings at this price, but the strength and durability it offers are second to none. If you want a strong string for waist beads, this string should be on your list.

Highlighted features:

  • The string is made out of nylon polyester for immense strength and durability.
  • It has a thickness of 2 millimeters.
  • Each roll is 69-70 meters long.
  • You can choose between 33 colors.
  • Washable and UV ray protected.

#7. BEADNOVA Bracelet String Clear

Lots of string brands offer attractive, bright, and eye-catching colors, but few brands offer the freedom to choose the string’s diameter. Let’s further look into this matter, shall we?

When working with waist beads, the very first thing you’ll notice is that not all the beads have the same size hole.

Different beads have different holes, and this is why you need different string thicknesses. Beadnova offers you four different thicknesses, which are 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, and 1.2mm.

This string is made out of polyurethane. This means that it can stretch to just the right amount. Besides the stretching part, it is also very strong and won’t break easily.

The string is so strong that the usage is not limited to making bracelets, waist beads, or necklaces. You can make DIY crafts projects, home decor and hang your ornaments on the ceiling.

So, if you are a person who not only makes waist beads but also does various types of DIY crafts and decors, the BEADNOVA string will be a fantastic choice.

Highlighted features:

  • Made out of polyurethane for the right amount of stretch and strength.
  • Comes in four different thicknesses.
  • The string is 100 meters long.
  • Can be used for purposes other than waist beads.

#8. Weico 0.8mm Crystal Elastic String

Without sugar coating anything, let’s jump right into business. The Weico 0.8mm elastic string isn’t revolutionary. It’s just like the other ones, which is a good thing. Let’s know more about it.

The Weico elastic string is the first string on this list made out of TPU material. TPU is a type of polyurethane that has properties such as elasticity, transparency, and resistance to oil, grease, and abrasion. This string will keep your waist beads alive for many years.

The string will stretch if you pull it, but you will have a hard time breaking it. This makes it the perfect string for waist beading as such beads go through a lot of pressure.

You will get a 120-meter long string roll, which is normal at this price point. Nothing too fancy. As the title suggests, it is 0.8mm thick.

The only problem we have with this string is the color. You don’t get any options regarding it. This string only comes in transparent colors.

The Weico 0.8mm crystal elastic string will serve you pretty great with its TPU build material if you are fine with having only one color option.

Highlighted features:

  • Made with TPU material.
  • Oil, grease, and abrasion-resistant.
  • Stretches well and is hard to break.
  • The string is 120 meters long and 0.8mm thick.

String for Waist Beads Buying Guide

String for Waist Beads Reviews

You should focus on the beads more than the string when it comes to waist beading, but the string is also very important. Without the best string, your waist beads might break.

You wouldn’t want that, would you? This is why you should go for the Best String for Waist Beads. Here are some of the things you should look for if you want the best one.


The build material of the string is directly responsible for the quality of the string. Just like if you’re a weaver and want the best looms, you should also want to best quality string. If the quality is not up to mark, the waist bead will break within a short period. You should always go for the materials mentioned below.

Polyester, nylon, polyurethane, and TPU. These are the four materials you should consider for your waist beads.

 Each of these materials is good in its way. Our suggestion would be to go for nylon or TPU. If those are not available, look for polyurethane. The last choice should be polyester. You can even make your own waist beads using crochet string.


No matter what you do with your string, it is always best to go for the one that can stretch to some extent. Strings that do not stretch won’t withstand as much pressure as strings that can stretch.

If you want to know whether the string you are about to order can stretch or not, look for elastic or stretch in the highlighted features or the title.

Easy to cut

This one is fairly simple. When making a waist bead, you will have to cut the string multiple times to tie knots or whatever you want to do. If the string is too resistant to cuts, you will have a hard time cutting it.

This will affect your waist bead making. If the string is easy to cut, it will save your time and effort, which will result in a good waist bead-making experience.


This is another factor that is directly responsible for the quality of your waist beads. Yes, the rule of thumb says that the thicker the string is, the better its holding capability. In other words, the better strength it will have.

Before you get the thickest possible string, make sure the hole of your beads will support the string. If the diameter/thickness is larger than the hole, you won’t pass the string through.


This one is quite subjective to the person’s choice, but we would like to remind you that a colorful string is better than transparent, AKA crystal clear strings. Waist beads look beautiful with bright colors such as red or yellow.

People Also Asked

1. How do I tie my waist beads with the string?

Before you tie the string, place them around your waist. Once you are sure about the placement, tie 3-4 knots and cut any excess strings.

2. I accidentally cut the string for my waist beads too short. What should I do?

If your string for waist beads is shorter than what you want, you can extend the string by tying another string to it using a knot. We would not recommend doing so because the knot might fail.

3. Can I make face masks with strings for waist beads?

You can make face masks with these strings but stay away from the transparent ones because those are not very comfortable to wear.

4. Can waist bead strings be used for stone beads?

It depends on which brand of string you are using. We have used 6 and 8mm stone beads, and it went well with all of the products we have reviewed.

5. Which material is the best for waist bead strings?

There are no clear winners as people have different preferences. Scientifically speaking, polyurethane is the best one. It has the same strength and flexibility as polyester and nylon but also has abrasion resistance.

6. What is the strongest thread for beading?

Gel-spun, polyethylene braided thread is the strongest thread for beading. It’s incredibly durable and won’t fray, making it perfect for intricate designs. Plus, it comes in a variety of colors to suit your needs.

7. What is the difference between beading thread and sewing thread?

Beading thread is stronger than regular sewing thread because it is made of multiple strands twisted together. While regular sewing thread might work for some light beading, you’ll need to use a heavier duty thread like beading thread for any beads that have a large hole or are heavy.

Final words

At the starting of this review article, we have said that waist beads are a great way to make your waist pop out more at parties, especially at beach parties.

It does not end there. You can also use waist beads for weight awareness. If you are health conscious, putting on a few waist beads will help you keep track of your abdomen.

If it’s gaining weight, you’ll feel tight on your waist, or if you are losing weight, it’ll feel loose. The benefits of waist beads are not limited to beautification.

Whatever your purpose for wearing or making waist beads is, you can only achieve them if you have the best string for waist beads. Follow the buying guides and read the reviews, we are sure you’ll get the preferred one. We also have a buyers guide for best sublimation printer for beginners, check it out if you are interested in sublimation. .

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