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Crib Decor Ideas

The crib is the focal point in your baby’s nursery. As such, you’ll want to make sure it blends seamlessly with the surrounding decorations and colors – don’t worry, we’re here to help!

There is no denying that cribs can sometimes be big and bulky, and without the right decor, they can definitely stick out like a sore thumb in a room. 

Therefore, to ensure you’re reaching all the practicalities of your crib while creating an inviting and peaceful environment for your baby, you’ll want to explore crib decoration ideas. 

We have combined our expertise with architectural designs to provide you with some crib decoration ideas that have been tried and tested.

Whether you’re looking for something for girls, boys, or gender-neutral, you’ll find it here. 

With this in mind, let’s get straight into some crib decor inspiration! 

Crib Decor Ideas for Baby Girls

Pink Can Be Bold

Pink doesn’t have to mean pastel, frilly, or pale. Instead, it can definitely be used to make an impression. The trick is not to make it not too overpowering. 

The colors brown and a bold, dark pink go perfectly together. As such, opt for a wooden crib in front of a striking textured pink wallpaper and maybe add a braided crib bumper.

To tie in all the colors, we chose to opt for pale pink furniture, such as a stool or cupboard. This prevents the pink from being too overpowering and oppressive. 

Instead of one color, choose a patterned pink wallpaper, with contrasting colored walls and ceilings. 

It is something you’ll want to incorporate into all your rooms!

Contrast Colors

Contrary to popular belief, white isn’t the only contrasting color. Instead of limiting yourself to white cribs, furnishings, and woodwork, choose an alternate color such as a bronze/gold theme – like the ones we’ve done here. 

This maintains the feminine decorations while adding warmth to the nursery which is sometimes difficult with stark white. Use this strategy on small baby cribs to make them stand out!

In our nursery, we chose a beautiful rose-gold colored pink crib, featuring a love heart musical mobile and a patchwork blanket thrown over the crib’s edge.

Eccentric, Eclectic, And Enjoyable

You don’t need to follow a strict theme to produce a beautiful baby nursery. This explosion of colors in our nursery proves just that. 

On a blank, white wall, this room features simple, primary-colored murals, frames, decals, and rainbow pom-pom garlands. 

All coming together to create a rainbow of colors. For the crib, consider keeping the base a bright, white color, and then painting the bars a rainbow effect to mesmerize your baby! 

Crib Decor Ideas For Baby Boys

Plain Cribs With Feature Walls

Sometimes simple is better, and this is definitely the case when you’re looking to go all out on the colorful fun wall decor

You’ll want to keep your crib one color and design to ensure it blends seamlessly with the surroundings – too much color can be distracting and uncomfortable.

Take our crib, for instance, where we have opted for a single color of white. You could also use any other color, such as black, gray, or blue. 

Depending on the colors on your featured walls, you should try to incorporate one of these colors into your crib. 

For instance, for our balloon-themed wallpaper, we chose a similar color to paint the crib, incorporating yellow, red, and even green. 

Go Big Or Go Home

You can never go overboard with nursery decorations. The general rule of thumb is the more colorful; the better! 

Creating a large mural on a single wall is a great way to add character to a room. For instance, in my son’s room, as he got older we opted for a rainforest-themed mural with lots of animals. 

Not only is this adorable but it is bold, bright, and beautiful. 

You can do a similar thing with your crib. To add to the forest theme, board your crib with faux plants and paint it a deep green color to create the illusion of being hidden in a forest. 

Just ensure everything is secure and you baby can’t reach it from the crib. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Go Dark

Crib Decor Ideas (1)

While pastel and pale colors are the obvious choices for baby nurseries, for a more modern look opt for dark purple, green, blue, or even black for a beautifully bold room – like this one here!

Here, we decided to keep all the furnishings, this includes the crib, in one color: black.

Plus, we have decorated the walls with black and white wallpaper to create an overall look that is daring, coordinated, and incredibly eye-catching.

Gender-Neutral Crib Decor Ideas

Ever Changing Decor

Consider painting your walls using blackboard paint for an ever-changing nursery paint idea.. Not only is this gender-neutral, but it can also be modified and adjusted as your child grows. 

If you’re worried about your nursery being too dark, then opt for a brightly baby safe painted crib. This brings back some of the colors that are missing from the walls – look at our example for inspiration! 


Keeping your furniture white with an accent in the wallpaper creates an inviting look without being too overwhelming. 

There are endless possibilities to enjoy a monotone nursery, and since there aren’t many colors, it doesn’t have to be too strong a theme.

In our nursery, African savannah animals have inspired the look. In the crib, there is an array of soft animals to match the theme. 

Go Green

For gender-neutral looks, green and yellow are usually the go-to colors, however, this doesn’t have to mean they are dull!

A simple green accent wall paired with a white or off-white crib is the perfect backdrop for a beautiful nursery. 

From here, you can incorporate white and green furnishings throughout to complete the look. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Paints Are Safe For Babies?

To keep your baby’s nursery safe, you’ll want to choose zero-VOC or low-VOC paints – this ensures your baby isn’t inhaling strong fumes and chemicals.

Final Thoughts

When you walk into a nursery, the first thing you see is the crib. Therefore, making sure it blends seamlessly into the room is important. 

Regardless of your theme, there are a number of ways to match your crib. 

After our research, we found that adding different colors, adding accessories, or choosing a different style can help to personalize your crib. We have also received the question if crib mattress expire, read to to find out.

Hopefully, this guide has inspired you with your crib decoration ideas.

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