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Disney World FastPass+ Myths People Still Believe

After nearly 5 years after it was initially introduced, there are still common misconceptions about Fastpass+. There is more to know now than ever before when it comes to planning a Disney World vacation, and a lot of work has to go into planning a Disney trip in order to have that seamless experience that a lot of the technology provides. It’s important to have the right information – to help, here are Disney World FastPass+ Myths People Still Believe.

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You have to pay extra for FastPass+

I can speculate where this comes from. Disneyland now has something called Maxpass that you do pay a premium for. Perhaps there is just the general assumption that the plus implies a premium? In any case, it’s not true. FastPass+ is free and any park guest can use it. Its called Fastpass+ because it is a ‘plussed up’ version of the original Fastpass concept.

FastPass+ takes away flexibility

People believe that scheduling windows of time in advance to be at a specific attraction is too inflexible. I understand the logic behind it, but when so much planning goes into a Disney World trip, there isn’t much room for that kind of flexibility – at least not the entire time. To be factual, FastPass+ offers more flexibility than Fastpass did. Under the old system you couldn’t choose when to return to the Fastpass queue. Now, you still have complete control over planning your day, you just need to plan well. If you decide not to use a FastPass, you can cancel it and make another selection (of ones that are still available), so flexibility is not a problem.

You are limited to 3 FastPasses per day

It’s true that in making your initial Fastpass selections you are allowed only three. However, after using those three, you can keep grabbing FastPasses (one at a time) to your heart’s content – or until they’ve run out for the day. You just have to use one or cancel it, before you can select a new one. The second half of your day can feel like a wild scavenger hunt as you find new attractions with availability. Otherwise, you can just take it easy and see what plays into your plans.

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Fastpass+ doesn’t allow park hopping

This myth may be tied to the belief that you only get three per day. The three you are allowed to select in advance DO have to be at one park. However, you can still park hop and you can use Fastpass+ at the other parks for your selections after those first 3 are used. It just follows the case by case system. It’s no different than if you had stayed in your original park.

You have to wear a MagicBand to use Fastpass+

This might be another reason some people think you have to pay for Fastpass+. Because MagicBand makes Fastpass+ (among other things) so convenient, people sometimes confuse the two as being the same thing. Since MagicBands are only free to Disney resort guests, park guests who stay off property might think they’ve missed out, unless they buy the band. The truth is that MagicBands aren’t the only way to use Fastpass+. If you have a park ticket, you can use that for your Fastpasses instead. If you are staying off property, you have less advance opportunity to select Fastpasses, but you do still have that capability.

What ride is your top choice for FastPass+?

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