Help this Holiday with The Great American Milk Drive

Even though we should be helping others all year long, there’s something even more special about service during the holidays. It’s easy to get caught up with the presents and great food. The holidays come once a year, but for 1 in 5 children hunger comes every single day. Let’s make an extra effort to Help this Holiday with The Great American Milk Drive!

Help this Holiday with The Great American Milk Drive / by Busy Mom's Helper #MilkDrive #CG

I’ve mentioned a couple times before, but this time of year really brings back special memories for us. Just a couple years ago we were struggling pretty badly, hardly able to make ends meet for our little family as we did our best to work, finish our schooling and be there for our kids. I even remember clearly a year when I had to carry my kids from the car inside because I couldn’t afford to get them sneakers, or thick coats. We lived in Northern Utah, so with feet of snow on the ground, that wasn’t wise.

Every year, though, we received SO MUCH love, support and help during the holidays. Even writing this blog post, tears come to my eyes as I remember the joy we felt. An entire turkey dinner left in a huge box on our door. Gift cards for groceries and clothes, so we were able to get those shoes and coats. A hand-sewn dress for little Wonder Woman, plus other toys and gifts so we had something under our tree for the kids. We received envelopes of money from anonymous families. Yup, I’m bawling now! I’ve never felt so much love and care from complete strangers (or friends, not sure who) as I did those years of struggling. They taught me about service, the joy of giving, and I knew that we wanted to instill that love of giving to others into our children.

Help this Holiday with The Great American Milk Drive / by Busy Mom's Helper #MilkDrive #CG

After college, Hubby was able to get a really great job, and while we’re not ‘well off’ by any means, we’re no longer struggling. We can even afford some luxuries like birthday parties, occasional vacations, and our kids are appropriately clothed. We don’t have to worry about how we’re going to afford groceries each week, and if an extra pack of cookies ends up in our cart, it’s not the end of the world. I’m so grateful for those years of struggling, because I know now how blessed we are. I can truly appreciate all we have, and can feel what others who ARE struggling are going through. I’m so glad to be in a position where WE can help others, and can set that amazing example for our kids.

Help this Holiday with The Great American Milk Drive / by Busy Mom's Helper #MilkDrive #CG

Since Santa gets PLENTY of milk at Christmas, The Great American Milk Drive is asking that we donate his milk to help those in need. Did you know that families that depend on Feeding America food banks receive less than one gallon of milk per person, per year? Our family of 7 now goes through about 1 per person each WEEK! I’m sure the Jolly Ol’ Elf will be more than happy to do with one less gallon or two this season in an effort to make the holidays more memorable for others.

For every share of this video, a gallon of milk will be donated to a local food bank.

I think this is such a fun way to get our kids involved! We did a fun idea where instead of putting milk in our ‘Santa’ glass, we stuck in some money. Then we can donate that money to The Great American Milk Drive to go to those who really need it! You can even show your kids their website, and put in the state where you live….it shows you exactly how many gallons have been delivered in your state, and how many people are served by the food banks. Here’s a screen shot of how much they’ve helped in our state of Texas!

Help this Holiday with The Great American Milk Drive / by Busy Mom's Helper #MilkDrive #CG

Want to help? Here’s how!

  1. Make a donation online. Starting Giving Tuesday (December 2) through December 31, America’s dairy farmers and milk companies will match all donations made at making milk gallons multiply at your local food bank this holiday season. By entering your zip code, you can ensure that milk is delivered to a local food bank to help nourish children in your own community.
  2. Spread the word. For every share of this Great American Milk Drive video, a one-gallon donation will be made to one of the more than 200 food banks served by Feeding America.

So this year, give Santa a break and donate your milk to someone who REALLY needs it! Trust me, those you help will be forever grateful!

Help this Holiday with The Great American Milk Drive / by Busy Mom's Helper #MilkDrive #CG

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