Is Having Children with Large Age Gaps Better?

Some people like to have very tight age gaps between children wanting to ‘finish the job’ sooner rather than later. Other people love to keep the age gap as wide as possible. Of course, each group claims that their method is better. However, in real life, things aren’t so simple.

If you ask most moms, they will tell you that the latter option is the better one. As mentioned, it’s all down to you, but if you ask us, having children with large age gaps may truly be better. Why? There are many reasons for it.

You’ll Be a Mom to One

Probably the biggest perk for large age gaps between children, it will allow you to be the mom of one and focus on one child at a time. Raising children is stressful, and it can be quite the challenge when you have back-to-back children. You’ll be tired, they’ll be tired, and there’s a great chance it’ll be a train wreck of a ride for years. This is why many new moms prefer to have children that are years apart.

The Older Kid is Helpful

When you’re raising children, every little bit helps. It’s an exhausting job and you’ll need all the help you can get. So, even if the older kid just hands you over a diaper while you’re changing the little one, it will a lot of help. Plus, older siblings want to help with their younger sisters/brothers. It might not look like much, but trust us – it’ll help.

You Will Be Well Rested

Another major perk of having your children with a large age gap is that you’ll be (finally!) well rested. When you have children, sleep is a commodity and that goes double if you have two small kiddos. Having them 5 years apart, for example, will allow you to be well rested and more energetic about raising your kids.

Plus, you’ve already done it once and that helps as well.

These are just some of the perks of having your children with large age gaps. There are others as well, so don’t feel bad for having them 5 or more years apart. You’ll be well rested and more able to do your duties which is very important when raising children.

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