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Nursery Paint Idea

One of my closest friends is an Interior designer, and I can’t tell you how many times I have helped decorate different nurseries.

With a keen eye for decor and renovating, I’m no stranger to searching for the perfect paint to brighten up a room. 

I have seen many different themes, colors, and styles that adorn the walls, and some definitely look better than others.

If you’re looking for a little inspiration for your nursery design, then you’re going to need to read on and hear about my all-time favorite nursery designs that I’ve ever painted. 

Nursery Paint Inspiration

Starry Nights

If you want to create a cute but calming nursery to help aid your little one with sleep, then you can’t go wrong with a starry night design.

Opt for a dark blue/navy wall and adorn the wall with lots of little stars. Opt for different sizes and a range of colors from bright white, gray, and navy-blueish stars.

Then, of course, this look wouldn’t be complete without the larger moon and cloud as a focal point.

I found that this was a pretty easy option to execute. It comes out looking amazing and really only involves painting the wall navy and then adding decorations.

I would ensure that you pick stars with different colors and tones as I tried it with just one color and it really didn’t have the same effect. 

Cute Clouds

This design reminds me of Toy Story, and I must say, I absolutely adore it.

It’s a soft color scheme of light blue and white which will still be calming for your child. But it has a bit of a brighter mood and vibe than the starry night sky. 

This one is slightly difficult to execute free-hand. I found that the clouds all came out in different shapes and sizes and they didn’t look cohesive. I would suggest opting for stencils for the clouds. 

Pretty & Pink

If you’re expecting a baby girl and want to keep to tradition why not opt for an all-pink nursery, check out our article on how to keep baby from rolling over in crib for parenting tips. ? You can paint the walls a beautiful pastel pink and match all the accents and furniture to match!

Adding some colorful fun wall decor such as their initials above the crib is also another very cute and personalized addition. 

I think that this looks classic and elegant, and it’s also very easy to achieve since you only need to paint the walls one block color. 

Baby Boy Blue

If you’re expecting a baby boy, you could always opt for the conventional stunning baby-blue nursery. Paint the nursery in your favorite blue shade and then add a lot of blue decor for the walls.

These pictures could be anything, from blue birds like in the picture to blue teddies, pictures of a blue sky, or anything that you’d like really! 

Again, this is another great option for painter novices. It will give you a great cohesive look while only having to paint the room one block color. 

Under The Sea

Why not commission someone to paint an underwater mural in the room, or hey if you’re pretty artistic you could always give it a go yourself!

This is such a creative and fun design that I think works perfectly for a nursery. 

Blue is always known as a calming color, so you’ve still got that going for you, but it’s also just a little more visually stimulating for when your little one is awake.

You could always then have some real fun with matching decor for the room. 

I found that this was a nursery design that took a lot of time and was quite difficult to create. You’ll need patience and some artistic flair for this option.

Or you’ll need to hire someone to do the job for you if you are not so inclined. 

Somewhere Over The Rainbow 

If you like the idea of painting something creative, but want something a little easier to pull off yourself, then you can never go wrong with a rainbow.

And how adorable does this look, it’s bold and striking and yet so cute at the same time. 

I found that a bright rainbow works so well with a neutral wall background and the rainbow raindrops falling from the sky are just the perfect addition.

Along with the big teddy in the room too! You can trace out the image first using a pencil or use a stencil to perfectly recreate this design

 Modern Mountains

If you want to opt for a more modern take for your nursery, then why not use geometric shapes when you paint your feature wall?

You can use these shapes to make it look like there are mountains on the wall. 

And then, of course, you can use decoration to play around with that theme.

Notice how in this image they’ve used a little air balloon mobile to play into the mountains? It’s such a small yet adorable addition to the room. If you are sharing a small room with your baby check out our article  to see the best way to set up the space. . 

Gender-Neutral Nursery

Waiting until the due date to find out the gender can be a really exciting choice to make, but it does mean you need to accommodate your nursery space to be appropriate for either a boy or a girl.

In this case, I’d opt for a neutral color such as beige.

Now, beige does not have to be boring. How adorable does the beige nursery look?

I tend to find it may seem a little plain when you’re just painting the walls, but once it is brought together cohesively with added details and decorations, it looks stunning. 

Sweet Stripes

Another lovely idea is to go for a neutral-colored wall with pale-colored stripes. It’s very simple but so sweet. Just make sure you’re also using baby safe paint for cribs as well!

And then when paired with a little wall decor such as this ‘hello sunshine’ addition it really ties the whole room together beautifully.

It’s minimalist and subtle but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t make for the perfect nursery. 

When I created this look, I found the biggest test is ensuring that everything is perfectly straight. You will want to measure out the stripes before you pick up the paintbrush. 

Pretty Planets

I love the idea of opting for a gray wall for your nursery that is simple and neutral and then adding something bright and beautiful on top of it.

In this image, the walls are varying shades of gray, but the addition of the planets transforms the room into something completely new. When matched with blue curtains and a rug, it is just absolutely perfect. 

This may look quite complicated, but I found it was much easier than it seems. You’ll want to mark out the design on the wall before you start painting though. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Colors Are Best For A Nursery?

Subtle blues, nurturing greens, pinks, earthy neutrals, and soothing whites all work very well for a baby nursery. 

Should A Nursery Be Dark Or Bright?

Light rooms let babies know that it is time to wake up, whereas darkness suggests it’s time for sleep in babies’ brains. So, I would where possible opt for darker nurseries than lighter ones.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are so many different options when it comes to painting your nursery. It can be so fun to let your imagination and creativity go wild.

Whether you prefer a bolder and more in-your-face design, or something simple, there should be plenty of inspiration for you here.

I wish you the best of luck as you continue to design your little nursery in preparation for your little arrival. 

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