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Simple Scary Monster Windows

So, I don’t know if this would actually count as a post – but I feel bad I haven’t shared anything since Saturday. Reason being: my mom is in town!!! The kids and I are having a blast with her, and since I’ve made it a point to put family first, I’ve been a bit absent from here. I apologize, but promise there’s some AMAZING stuff coming up in the coming weeks, so just bare with me!

I wanted to share my Simple Scary Monster Windows with you – especially since it’s SOOOO EASY!!! Seriously, all you do is take a bunch of black 12×12 scrapbook paper (larger, if you can find it). Do a monster on each page, making a variety – witch, different mouths and eyes, horns or snake-eyes, etc. Cut them out, then tape them to your window (inside of the blinds). Then go outside and take a look – Viola!!!

Simple Scary Monster Windows / Busy Mom's Helper

See, super easy, yet lots of fun! Let your kiddo’s help create the monsters and they’ll think it’s the coolest window ever!

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