The Real Blogger Project: The Mess Behind the Beauty

Okay, so you all see the mostly-beautiful FINAL products of my blogging. The yummy-looking meals, the neatly arranged crafts….after all the struggle and editing are complete. Today, for The Real Blogger Project, you get a behind the scenes look at The Mess Behind the Beauty!

So the photos of me that I mainly use for my blog are AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL! Want to know what I really look like 99% of the time while I’m blogging?

Yup, hair is brushed but that’s it. No make-up. Comfy Iron Man t-shirt. You can’t see, but also paint-stained yoga pants. That’s me the majority of days!

The photos of the food that’s perfectly lit, and composed oh so beautifully? This is how the actual display I often use works:

I love the vinyl backdrops, placed on my desk after I move the pile that was previously there onto my bed. My reflective white is propped into position by the desk chair (the chair also covered in a pile of papers). Two huge windows open to allow as much light in, but timed so no direct light hits.

When choosing what dishes to use, they’re often scattered all over my floor so I can really get a visual.


And they’re stored ‘very nicely’ like this, on my dresser:

After each meal is made, there’s a mountain in my sink that may never go away….

Supplies for craft projects left scattered throughout the house…



And furniture I found for free at the last minute randomly placed in the middle of the craft room, for weeks, until I MIGHT get around to fixing it up.

This is all the messy, chaotic clutter that is my life. But you know what? All the crazy piled of dishes, unswept floors and random crafting shtuff overtaking my house….it allows me to do something I love. The best part, though? I get to spend my days blogging with THESE adorable, wonderful little kiddos!




And I wouldn’t trade this for the nicest, cleanest house in the world! Thank YOU, everyone, for allowing me to be a messy, disorganized, amazingly happy blogger and mom to my kiddos!!! Love to you all!

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