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Valentine’s Cupid Gift

Okay, I’m still recovering from Christmas, yet it’s coming up on Valentine’s Day in just over a month…what’s with that? There’s pink and red all around the stores, boxes of chocolates all around the grocery aisles tempting me, and here I am with a lit tree still up! I suppose I should just get on the band wagon and begin preparing for the next holiday, so let’s start with this super simple, fun Valentine’s Cupid Gift for this month’s Craft Lightning!

Valentine's Cupid Gift / by Busy Mom's Helper #valentinesday #gift #cupid

If you remember, the thing about Craft Lightning is the craft has to take 15 minutes or less – this one is WAY less, and you can have the kiddos get in on the fun, too! Plus, it’s a super nice thing to do for someone else.

Valentine's Cupid Gift / by Busy Mom's Helper #valentinesday #gift #cupid

I will admit that my favorite thing about Valentine’s is, of course, the chocolates everywhere! I tend to buy a bag or two (okay, maybe three) every shopping trip, whether I should or not. One way to save my waistline is to GIVE IT AWAY! I get to do ‘service’ for others, and still nibble on some chocolaty goodness while I’m at it. Talk about a win-win! You can even give these as a ‘surprise’ since you can just hang it on someone’s doorknob, ring the bell, then book it away!

Valentine's Cupid Gift / by Busy Mom's Helper #valentinesday #gift #cupid


  • Construction paper of choice
  • Ribbon for tying and for hanging
  • Hole punch
  • Stapler
  • Candies or other ‘filler’ of choice


  1. I used 12×12 pieces of paper (one patterned sheet for the outside, then a plain colored for the lining) but you can change the size…just keep it square. Fold it together so it is closed to a point at the bottom. Hole punch along where the two edges overlap.Valentine's Cupid Gift / by Busy Mom's Helper #valentinesday #gift #cupid
  2. Use some ribbon to lace up the side. This keeps the sides closed together, and looks awesome! Valentine's Cupid Gift / by Busy Mom's Helper #valentinesday #gift #cupid Valentine's Cupid Gift / by Busy Mom's Helper #valentinesday #gift #cupid
  3. Stick your ribbon for hanging between your two sheets of paper and staple into place. Repeat on the opposite side of the opening so you can hang it. Valentine's Cupid Gift / by Busy Mom's Helper #valentinesday #gift #cupid
  4. Fill with your candies, gifts or other filler and you’re done!

Valentine's Cupid Gift / by Busy Mom's Helper #valentinesday #gift #cupid

On the pink heart one I did (above) I cut a little ‘loop’ down in the front so you can see more of the filler. On the black XOXOXO one, I left it rounded, and personally like that better. I’ts entirely up to you how you want it to look!

Valentine's Cupid Gift / by Busy Mom's Helper #valentinesday #gift #cupid

I found some super-cheap little heart decor things on clearance, so stuck two of those in just for some extra ‘pop’! I’m actually getting more excited about Valentine’s now that I’m a ‘little’ prepared! Plus, I got to eat some (okay, a whole bag by now, probably) chocolate…can’t go too wrong with that!

Valentine's Cupid Gift / by Busy Mom's Helper #valentinesday #gift #cupid

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