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20 Adorable Penguin Crafts for Kids

While we love all things geeky around here, and appreciate all of the cool new gadgets our kids have the opportunity to play with and try out, sometimes as a mama, I just love having them unplug and get a little creative without all the electronics. Winter is a great time for this because, depending on where you live, you might end up stuck inside for a few days at a time. (Not really a problem here in the south, but still…) So today, I’m sharing 20 Adorable Penguin Crafts for Kids that are perfect for snow days. Many of these can be made with things from your craft stash or simple sheets of printer paper. Some are a little more involved, so make sure you have what you need before getting started. Aren’t they cute?


20 Adorable Penguin Crafts for Kids

How do you spend your snow days?

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