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A Clever Mom Finds a Great Life-Hack for Milk Spills

Raising children is not an easy task. It may look easy from the outside, but trust us – it can be a hell of a mess, especially when they start walking. Messes, when you have small kids at home, are inevitable. It’ll either be spilled milk, broken glasses, or something even worse. Up until now, no one thought milk spills could be prevented until one clever mom found a clever trick.

Kate Anderson recently posted an ingenious ‘life’ hack that will help parents with small kids prevent milk spills. Yes, it exists, and yes, it truly works. The post got over a thousand shares on Facebook in just a few hours, with many thanking Anderson for her life-saving life hack.

Milk spills are one of the most common messes children make. Considering how accident-prone they are, it’s not even a surprise. Don’t take it from us – just watch Big Daddy with Adam Sandler. However, there is finally a way to prevent milk spills and it’s much simpler than anyone could ever imagine.

Kate Anderson claims that she discovered it by chance. One day, she was readying old bottles for recycling and noticed that sauce bottle lids fit perfectly on bottles of milk. She tried the experiment and to her surprise, the lid fit like a glove. She then gave the bottle of milk to her 7-year old and problem solved. Anderson has been cleaning up milk spills almost every day before work but thanks to the genius solution, she doesn’t to that anymore. Moms:1 – milk spills:0


It may have been a small step…scratch that. This solution is a game-changer and a BIG step for parents with small kids.

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