Back to School Decor

It’s July. I repeat – it’s JULY! Over a month into summer, less than 2 months until school is back in full swing. Seriously?! I use to think time went by so slowly, but holy cow it’s flying by now. Guess we better get a head start while we can, starting with this fun Back to School Decor!

Back to School Decor / by Busy Mom

For this month’s Craft Lightning theme, it’s all about Back to School – and everything takes 15 minutes or less, as per tradition. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do at first – I think my mind was protesting the fact that school will start next month – but then decided to take some common school supplies and make them into a neat school wreath for our door!

Back to School Decor / by Busy Mom


  • Rulers (as many as you’d like; I used 8)
  • Crayons (I think the chunky/large ones look best)
  • Chalkboard piece (I got a cheap framed one from Walmart)
  • Hot glue/gun
  • Ribbon for hanging


  1. Lay out everything so you know how you want it to look BEFORE you start gluing. Back to School Decor / by Busy Mom
  2. Start with a layer of rulers, centered in the middle of the chalkboard back with some hot glue, plus glue on the frame so they have two spots holding them into place. Stack the next layer on top to add some dimension. Back to School Decor / by Busy Mom
  3. Now add the crayons. Back to School Decor / by Busy Mom
  4. Keep layer things until it’s as simple/full as you want it, then a dab of hot glue to make the ribbon a hanger and you’re done!

Back to School Decor / by Busy Mom

You can switch things out for markers or color pencils, glue sticks, whatever school supplies you want to get your desired look. My frame originally came plain wood, so I used markers to give it some color.

Back to School Decor / by Busy Mom

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