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Best Crib With Changing Table Top – Buyer’s Guide & FAQ

Catering to your baby is both time-consuming and takes a lot of effort, so it’s better for you and your baby if you’re able to do things efficiently and thoroughly.

A crib with a changing table top allows for this, because it allows you to change your baby’s diaper right at the crib, rather than have to move them elsewhere and prolong the change.

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Dream On Me Jayden 4-In-1 Crib And Changer

Delta Children Abby Crib And Changer

DaVinci Kalani 4-In-1 Crib And Changer

Graco Remi All-In-One Crib With Drawer & Changer

Suite Bebe Ramsey 3-In-1 Crib And Changer

There are loads of cribs with changing table tops out there, and it can be difficult to determine which is best.

Through our personal experience in trying them out, we’ve determined the five best cribs with changing table tops, and our results are explained below. The overall best crib with a changing table top is the Dream On Me Jayden 4-In-1 Crib and Changer.

Product Review

Today we’ll be looking at the 5 best cribs with changing table tops, with each tried and tested.

Dream On Me Jayden 4-In-1 Crib And Changer

Our first place pick goes to the fantastic Jayden 4-in-1 crib and changer from Dream On Me, a manufacturer who is responsible for loads of terrific cribs with changing tops. You can buy one here.

What Makes It Great?

For one thing, we’ve found that its changing table is packed with features. It’s always important to have a changing table that’s feature-heavy, because it makes the stressful process of changing a diaper that much easier, which is better for both the baby and you.

To start with, the changing table has a changing pad on it, which helps to give your baby a safe and secure surface while they’re being changed.

Additionally, there’s a restraining strap to keep them even more secure, and it can be quickly and easily released with a simple buckle.

The changing table also has 3 drawers in it, which give you a chance to keep all your baby changing essentials neatly stored right where they’re needed. We found this made changing much quicker.

This crib with changing table top also offers some flexibility for you, because the changing table can be detached from the crib if need be.

For example, if you needed to change the baby in another room for whatever reason, then this versatile product allows you to.

Even better, this crib and changer is specifically designed to be safe for your baby. This means that it’s been made with completely non-toxic finishes, qualifies for all ASTM & CPSC standards, and it’s also been equipped with sturdy safety rails to keep the baby from falling out. It’s essential for us that the baby isn’t exposed to toxicants, and this product succeeds.

The crib itself comes with a 1” mattress pad, but you’ll need to buy a mattress to go on top of it. The manufacturer recommends non-toxic, Greenguard certified mini crib mattresses, as well as ones made by Dream On Me themselves.


  • Changing table has 3 drawers for storage
  • Changing table is safe and secure thanks to restraining strap
  • Crib has safety rails
  • Covered in a non-toxic finish


  • Pay extra to have it assembled

Delta Children Abby Crib And Changer

Our next choice is the Abby crib and changed from Delta Children, which makes changing your baby a breeze and offers supreme convenience. You can buy one here.

What Makes It Great?

One of the best things about this crib with a changing table top is that it’s been specifically engineered to offer no chemical threats to your babies. We think this is absolutely essential – nobody should be exposed to toxic chemicals where they sleep, especially a developing baby.

As a result, it’s made with wood and materials that have been tested for toxic elements, such as lead, and it’s been found to either meet or surpass ASTM safety standards.

On top of that, the crib and changing table have been painted with a non-toxic painting princess, free from phthalate and lead.

Speaking of paint, you can get this product in 3 different colors: gray, chocolate, and bianca white. Though there aren’t as many options as other cribs, the ability to choose between these distinct designs is incredibly helpful in allowing you to find a crib that’s a color your baby likes.

On top of that, it allows you to get a color that matches the design aesthetic of the baby’s room, keeping them calm and comfortable. We found that the white version is particularly refreshing.

As for the changing table, it has a changing pad to help keep the baby soft and secure. However, we must admit that the lack of a restraining strap for extra safety is a shortcoming. Additionally, the changer has 2 drawers, which allow you to keep changing products readily available.


  • Non-toxic elements and paint
  • Changing table has 2 drawers for quick access changing products
  • Choose color that baby will like


  • No restraining strap on changer
  • 1 less drawer than previous product

DaVinci Kalani 4-In-1 Crib And Changer

Our next choice is the Kalani crib and changer from DaVinci, which offers an extremely stylish design, flexibility, and function. You can buy one here.

What Makes It Great?

As usual, this crib and changer has been made without the use of toxic chemicals. We think this is perhaps the most important factor when you’re picking out cribs or toys for your baby, because no child should be exposed to toxic chemicals.

This product has been finished with a non-toxic painting process, and it’s also safe from lead and phthalate. On top of that, the high quality wood that’s been used is TSCA compliant, and we found it’s also plenty sturdy!

This is also one of the most stylish cribs that we’ve come across, with beautiful curves all around it, including on the changing station. In fact, the changing station and its drawers look like an expensive nightstand!

Speaking of the changing table, it has 3 drawers, which offer you plenty of space to store all the baby changing products you need – right where you need them.

On top of that, we found that the drawer bottoms were extra sturdy, which is essential if they’re going to be storing a lot. Additionally, you could also use them to store your baby’s clothes.

It’s available in 3 different colors: espresso, white, and gray. The espresso looks the nicest to us, with deep brown wood that matches the curves beautifully.

However, all the colors are stylish, and you should be able to get one that your baby resonates with. After all, the baby should feel totally comfortable in their crib and when they’re being changed, and a good color is part of that.

Additionally, the crib has 4 adjustable mattress positions, so that the crib can essentially “grow” with the baby.

As your baby grows and learns new abilities, such as learning to sit or stand, then you can lower the mattress positions and accommodate them better.

As a baby learns to stand or sit, they could risk reaching a crib’s railings, and potentially even get over them and fall out of the bed.

As a result, it’s essential that the mattress is lowered at that point, so that the railings can still safely tower over the baby’s reach.

Unfortunately, though, a key downside with this crib is that the changing table has no strap. A strap is really useful to help keep your baby secured and safe while they’re being changed, preventing them from rolling off, so try and find a strap that you can use yourself.


  • Extremely stylish design
  • Made with quality, sturdy wood
  • Painted with a non-toxic process
  • Adjustable mattress positions for added safety
  • Changing table has 3 sturdy drawers for storage


  • Changing table has no strap to stop the baby rolling off

Graco Remi All-In-One Crib With Drawer & Changer

Our next choice is the Remi all-in-one crib and changed from Graco, which also has a large drawer underneath the crib for even more storage. You can buy one here.

What Makes It Great?

This crib with a changing table top has been tested so that it meets all applicable federal safety standards, so you can be sure that it’s going to offer your baby a safe, secure place to sleep and be changed.

Speaking of safety and security, let’s talk about the changing table. It has a changing pad that’s made out of vinyl and is water-resistant, which is really useful because it will help to keep it free from pee stains and other mess.

Considering the messes that come from changing a baby, a sturdy and resistant changing pad is a must.

Additionally, the changing table has a safety strap to help keep your baby secure and in place when they’re being changed.

This has been a key downside to the previous pair of cribs and changers on our list, and we found the addition of a strap in this one to really put our minds more at ease during changing.

The changing table also has 3 drawers in it, which offer fantastic storage space for baby change products and baby clothes. We found that the drawers were particularly deep, but it doesn’t stop there!

You see, the crib also has a wide drawer underneath it, which offers loads of extra room for extra storage. This is an incredibly useful addition, and one that we found really useful, being able to store more clothes and toys readily available.


  • Changing table has 3 drawers for storage
  • Wide extra drawer underneath the crib adds even more storage space
  • Tested to meet safety standards
  • Changing table has a safety strap to keep baby in place


  • Lack of color options

Suite Bebe Ramsey 3-In-1 Crib And Changer

Our final pick is the Ramsey 3-in-1 crib and changer from Suite Bebe, which makes the most of small bedrooms and offers you an attached changing table with exposed shelves. You can buy one here.

What Makes It Great?

The changing table for this crib is a little different to all the other ones we’ve looked at on our list.

Where those had drawers for you to pull out and store things in, this changing table consists of the changing station and then 2 shelves beneath it. We found that this alternative design has positives and negatives to it.

On the plus side, the use of shelves instead of drawers offers much quicker access to items. It takes longer to pull out a drawer and find an item, where an exposed shelf offers clear and quick access.

This is especially useful for a changing table, because there will often be moments where you need something VERY quickly – or there’s going to be a mess!

On the other hand, though, the shelves don’t look quite as nice and neat as drawers.

On top of that, there are only 2 shelves, whereas there were typically 3 drawers with the other products. This means that there’s less storage space for you to use.

On the positive side again, however, the changing table does come with a strap to help keep the baby safely in space.

As for the crib, it allows you to adjust the mattress to 3 different levels, which is really useful depending on the size and ages of your baby.

As they grow and learn to sit or stand, you’ll need to keep the mattress lower, so there’s no chance of them getting over the rails and out of the crib.


  • Shelves offer quicker access and visibility than drawers
  • Changing table has a strap to keep the baby secure
  • Adjustable mattress levels


  • Not enough shelves
  • Shelves don’t look as neat

Frequently Asked Questions

When Should A Baby Stop Using The Changing Table?

Your baby should stop using their changing table when they reach the weight or age limit recommended by its manufacturer. These vary across tables, but it’s usually about 30 pounds or 2 years of age.

Can A Baby Sleep On A Changing Table?

NEVER let your baby sleep on a changing table. They should only ever sleep in their crib (never have them in bed with you either). Changing tables are high, which is a risk, and your baby could roll over and suffocate too.

Buyer’s Guide

Throughout our product reviews, you’ll have seen a variety of product features appear over and over. These are the kinds of things you’ll want to keep an eye out for when you’re deciding which crib with a changing table top is best for you. We’ve rounded up the most important features below.

Non-Toxic Materials

It’s essential that you get a crib with a changing table top where all of the product has been made with non-toxic materials and finishes. Nobody should be exposed to harmful toxic chemicals, especially babies and children.

As a result, ensure that your crib and changing table has been made with safe wood that’s not been covered in chemicals. Additionally, ensure that any paint is non-toxic, as well as being safe from lead and phthalate.


Parents always need more storage for their babies, and the changing table offers a fantastic opportunity for extra storage space.

Almost all of the cribs that we looked at in our guide had drawers underneath the changing table, either 2 or 3.

Obviously, the more drawers you have, the better, because they’ll give you plenty of room to keep baby changing products, baby clothes, and more. We also found that deep drawers worked the best.

One of our products used shelves instead, which has their pros and cons. On the plus side, they make it a lot quicker and easier to get things from, which makes all the difference in the high pressure situation of baby changing.

On the other hand, they don’t look as neat as drawers, and the fact that they’re exposed means it’s easy to knock things over.

Security Strap

It’s also essential that you buy one where the changing table has a security strap. These restraining straps will help to keep the baby in place while you’re changing them, which is really important.

The changing tables are high up, and if your baby was to fall from it then it could prove fatal. As a result, it’s crucial that your baby is securely strapped in, preventing them from rolling off the table as you’re changing them.

Final Thoughts

A crib with a changing table top is an essential buy, because they let you change your baby’s diaper right next to their crib.

After all, speed is always key with changing a baby! Use our guide to find the best cribs with changing tables. Our favorite was the Dream On Me Jayden.

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