10 Best Diamond Painting Kits 2024 | Excellent for Crafting

Having a creative bone in your body is such a blessing! What about those who don’t?

Painting is one of the most gratifying creative hobbies one can have. We have to accept that not all can become great painters. However, there is a way we can create great paintings.

Diamond paintings are the latest form of painting that lets you create high-quality artwork. It takes almost the same effort and concentration required to paint with colors. The difference is that the painting and the colors are already decided for you.

So, you don’t have to face the dilemma of which color to use in a segment. With the help of the best diamond painting kits, you can create high-quality and shiny artwork that may even make your professional painter friends jealous.




Number of pieces


AIRDEA Diamond Painting Kit

15.7x11.8 inches


KTCLCATF Painting Beach

11.8x15.8 inches


Mobicus 5D Diamond

14X18 inches



23.6 x 15.7 inches in

12 types of accessories

Suptikes 5D Diamonds Kit



Our Selected Top 10 Best Diamond Painting Kits Reviews in 2024

We looked far and wide to gather diamond art kits that are beautiful and easy to DIY. Here are some affordable kits and tools so you can continue your diamond painting hobbies without breaking the bank.

1. AIRDEA 5D Diamond Painting Kit

The right combination of bright and dark colors makes a diamond painting shine brighter than anything else in the room. The best diamond painting kit with the right color combinations can become your next decor pick.

AIRDEA DIY 5 has the perfect dark and bright colors blend. This makes the pinks, blues, and yellows pop up correctly. The HD canvas makes it easier for you to match the drills with the symbols on the canvas.

The high-quality round drills have 17 sections on the top. That is why the painting has more sparkle, which lasts for a long time. The diamond’s reflective quality does not fade away.

This canvas is waterproof and has great adhesion. It won’t get soggy if you accidentally spill water on the canvas, which is a great relief. There is no need for extra glue to stick the drills in place because of this canvas’s high-quality adhesive.

11.8×15.8 inch is a standard size for these kits. You can hang the final art piece on your wall. The canvas has a portrait orientation that looks great on any bedroom wall.

The size is large enough to make the designs look clear. It is not too small or too big. That’s why it doesn’t look too pixilated.

Highlighted Features

  • The canvas size is 11.8×15.8 inches which is a good size to make it into a wall hanging
  • High-quality adhesive makes the drills stick to it without the help of extra glue.
  • Drills have17 facets, making them shine very bright for a long time.
  • These gem painting kits come with 30% extra drills, so you don’t have to worry about losing some of them while working.

2. KTCLCATF 5D Diamond Painting Beach

Want to gift your bestie is sparkly painting? The problem is that she/he always prefers sustainable things at home.

KTCLCATF Diamond is made from green materials with no waste. Also, the drills don’t fade over time, making it one of the top best diamond art kits. This makes diamond art kits sparkly, sustainable, and giftable.

Moreover, the drills have 26 Smooth cutting planes. This gives them good refractive quality along with the glossiest finish. The kit has most facets on its drills to make it the shiniest among all the kits.

Further, the diamonds bright colors make the canvas come alive. 15.7×11.8 inches is a big size canvas. The large size helps to make the picture look neat and clear.

This canvas has a bigger area to contain more numbers of round drills. As you know, the more diamonds, the better the picture. Also, the design is simple to make this canvas look more accurate.

The package includes 30% more drills than the painting requires. You can use those for other projects.

If you drop a few drills that you can’t find, there won’t be any problem completing the painting. The adhesive on the canvas has a stronghold that keeps the diamonds in place for a long time.

Highlighted Features

  • Cross-stitch pattern diamond painting canvas can also be used for cross-stitching.
  • Design is simple, which makes it beginner-friendly.
  • Have 26 cutting planes that make them sparkle under the light.
  • Includes 30% more diamonds, so you don’t have to worry about losing a few.
  • Adhesive is very sticky, you don’t have to worry about the drills falling off.

3. Mobicus 5D DIY Diamond Painting with Number Kits

Mobicus has a wide range of canvas designs and tools for diamond painting. You will never grow bored of their painting kits.

Mobicus 5D diamond paint by number kit has vivid colors and nice contrast. This makes the finished painting look spectacular. There are many shades of blue and purple. If you’re a fan of these colors, you need to give this painting kit a try.

The size of this canvas is relatively small for the type of design it has. Some people find it too pixelated.

Comes with tweezers, extra bags, and clips in the kit. You can store the rhinestones and rhinestone applicator in the bag and correct any mistake with the tweezer to make the painting flawless.

You can hang the full drill painting as decor on your wall. The canvas has a landscape orientation which will look perfect over the headboard. The night sky and the glittering stars glow even in the dark.

It is a great option for beginners due to its very simple design. That makes it fun and relaxing for young and adults alike.

Highlighted Features

  • 16×12 Inches canvas has a large area for making it into wall decor.
  • Comes with clear instructions, making it easy to use for everyone.
  • Package includes everything you need, so you don’t need extra tools.
  • Good adhesion capacity, making the drill stick to it without additional glue.

4. TOPWOOZU Diamond Painting Kits for Adults

We bring you another diamond painting that has relatively smaller dimensions. If you are a fan of bright colors and sparkle, a pink and yellow shade canvas is perfect for you.

TOPWOOZU 5D diamond painting kit is perfect for adults who are short on time but also crave to do DIY gem painting.

It takes a very short time to finish this painting because of its mini size. You won’t have to spend ages completing a painting.

The color contrast makes the painting shinier and brighter. Although, due to its small size, the details don’t pop up very well.

The canvas is waterproof and even texture. That helps the drills stick to the adhesive even in humid conditions. The canvas is not easy to fold.

This prevents wrinkling when you fold it to store it away. The instructions for filling the diamonds are clear. You don’t have to struggle even if you are a beginner.

This canvas being 11.8*11.8 inches has a square shape. That is why you can frame it and keep it at your bedside. As we know, a bigger canvas has a better view of the details.

In this case, the colors pop out very well, but the details are unclear. The drill painting looks a little pixelated. However, if you are going for that look, it is the perfect canvas.

Highlighted Features

  • 5D Diamonds have more shine that does not fade over time.
  • 8×11.8 in canvas has this square shape, and you can frame it for display.
  • Design has nice color contrast, brightening up anyone’s mood.
  • This canvas is not very large, making it faster two complete.
  • Include 30% more diamonds, so you don’t have to worry about spilling and losing some.

5. AIRDEA Diamond Painting for Home Wall Decor

The perfect combo of light and dark colors makes a rhinestone painting shinier than all other sparkly objects. We keep showpieces on a table or showcase. It would be cool to have one on the wall.

AIRDEA DIY 5D diamond kit has the most budget-friendly package for diamond painting. The moon and the beach give exotic vibes to your interior. All this at a really low price. For that reason, you get great value for money.

The high-quality diamonds have 20 sections on the top. They make the painting has more sparkly, which Is sustainable. The 5D diamond adds extra depth to the painting, making it eye-catching. This kit is 15.7×19.7 inches which is quite a large size canvas.

Large size combined with the landscape scene helps make the drill painting look more realistic. It doesn’t look blurry when the canvas is fully covered with diamonds. You can see the scenery is very clear. That is why a bigger canvas is better.

The kit’s canvas is waterproof with great adhesion ability. It is workable in humid situations. Also, you don’t need extra glue to stick the drills in place because of the high-quality adhesive. Just make sure you know the difference between superglue vs epoxy because they are both removed differently!

Highlighted Features

  • 7×15.7 inches Canvas is very large which you can see the details very clearly.
  • The symbols for matching the drills are clear and easily readable.
  • Superior quality adhesion so you can just use a scraper to push drills aside without glue after making a mistake.
  • Have 20 facets which make them shine very bright.
  • The diamonds stay on the canvas for a very long time.

6. Suptikes 5D Diamonds Painting Tools and Accessories

A diamond painting starter kit is necessary for progressing effectively in this sector. There are some basic tools that you can’t go without.

Suptikes 22 Pieces 5D diamond painting tools and accessories Kits toolkit has all the necessary equipment you need for diamond painting.

You will get a diamond painting roller, 28 grids storage box, tweezers, a transparent tool bag, four-diamond pens, 3 diamond plastic trays, a label sticker, and glue.

This kit has a compact size yet still all the diamond painting equipment. For that reason, you don’t need a lot of storage area. You can store the pens and tweezers in a plastic bag.

The trays, stickers, and wax also fit in the bag. You can store the box and the bag along with the roller in a corner which will not require a big space.

All the tools are made of high-quality materials. These last for a very long time. Although they are made of lightweight materials, they give excellent performance. With the help of these tools, you can work with precision and fast.

The diamond point pen helps to pick many diamonds at a time. This makes your work easier and less fatiguing. You can achieve your results Nine times faster if you have this toolkit.

The storage box for drills has individual boxes inside. You can store the drills according to their colors. All the smaller segments have lids, preventing other colors from spilling out when you want to pour only one color.

This toolkit is easy to use and convenient for beginners and experts alike.

Highlighted Features

  • This kit has 22 pieces that help to complete a diamond painting conveniently.
  • The point pens can pick 1 -9 drills at a time. You can work nine times faster with this kit.
  • Individual boxes inside the storage box prevents are very handy when you only want to take out one color.
  • Roller does a very good job of making all the diamonds stick to the adhesive perfectly.

7. ARTDOT A2 LED Light Pad for Diamond Painting

Putting too much pressure on your eyes while doing full drill paintings? If yes, this needs to change right away. The whole idea of diamond painting is to alleviate stress, not to put more, we also have some fun ideas for nursery paint colors to check out. .

Artdot A2 LED helps to reduce stress from your eyes. The tiny symbols you have to match with the color codes are very stressful to read.

In low-light situations, that only gets worse. A brighter background brightens the overall canvas. This helps you see a lot clearer, even in the dark. A2 has a large area that will cover most of the canvas sizes. It has only 4 millimeters in thickness.

That makes it perfect for taking out of your home when you need to finish the diamond painting project faster. The lightbox is 23.6 x 15.7 inches in size. It lets you work on a very wide canvas.

This kit comes with an adjustable stand. The stand has 12 viewing angles. It puts less pressure on your neck. We know that we have to work for long hours on any diamond painting project. That is why you need this stand to adjust the canvas to your preference.

The kit includes a diamond painting pen, diamond painting tray, tweezer, label sticker, fixing tool, black pad clip, 20 opp bags, and wax.

This kit’s LED lights are energy efficient. That means even if you work long hours on the project, the light won’t consume too much electricity. There are three levels of brightness that are flicker-free. You can adjust it to your eyesight.

Highlighted Features

  • The lightbox has three brightness levels which you can set according to your eyesight.
  • Stand has 12 adjustable angles, which lets you adjust the frame in the comfortable position you Prefer.
  • LED lights don’t consume too much electricity.
  • Comes with a scraper which helps you correct the mistakes easily.
  • You get all the tools you need to complete a diamond painting.

8. Crafts Graphy Diamond Painting Kits for Adult

Crafts Graphy Diamond Painting Kits (the starry night)

Vincent van Gogh’s the starry night is the muse for this diamond painting kit. However, the stars in this painting shine brighter.

A bead painting company has bedazzled the famous painting by adding resin diamonds. Craft graphy Diamond painting kits for adults have a high-quality large canvas.

The benefit of a large canvas is that all the details are very clear. It is helpful when you are working on a project. This canvas has one of the largest painting areas.

That is why the finished product also looks very realistic and stunning. It is for those who want the most details on their diamond painting.

Heavy details on a small canvas blur the painting. That’s why this 16 x 20 Inches portrait looks neat and clean upon finishing. You also get extra trays, tweezers to neatly execute the pasting process with the kit.

It is frameable, and you can hang the done art piece on the wall. You can hang it on the living room wall as decor for a long time due to its super adhesion quality that beats all other canvas glues.

The 5D diamonds add extra shine and depth to the painting. If you want to give an artistic look to your living room, this is a canvas you need to consider.

Highlighted Features

  • Has an artistic look to make your home stunning if you use it as decor.
  • Round shape drills made the starry night come alive with super sparkle.
  • Extra-large to give the details a neat and clear look. You will have a better effect with a bigger canvas.
  • Made of odorless resin so there won’t be any weird smell when you work on the project.

9. Kusmil Diamond Painting Storage Case

The perfect toolkit for a professional diamond painter exists now. You might not believe that but wait till you see what Kusmil offers.

The kusmil 60 slot diamond painting toolset comes with different tools to make your DIY projects easy. You get a storage case, bottles, a foldable funnel, a fixing tool, 2 trays, a large tray, a roller, 2 spoons, wax, and many more storage bags with the kit.

The storage bag has a space-saving design and size. It is compact and mobile. However, you don’t need to worry about having too much variety of drills.

You can save up to 60 different colors of drills at once in this box. Also, there is more storage space inside the box for additional pens, zip lock bags, glues, and tweezers.

What makes the toolbox interesting is that it is very durable and shockproof. The 60 slots are embedded in shockproof foam, which protects the drills from spilling out if you drop the box on the floor.

Also, the case is made of EVA material that is water-resistant. Even if it rains outside, you can carry all your tools in that box.

Highlighted Features

  • The storage case has 60 slots to store up to 60 different color rhinestones.
  • Eases the cleanup process as you can pour back the stones in the container without spilling.
  • Spoons are also included in the package to make handling drills neat.
  • Shockproof pockets so there won’t be any spill inside if you accidentally dropped the case.

10. Blxecky 5D Diy Diamond Painting By Number Kits

Another mobicus Diamond painting kit caught our attention for those who love subtle colors.

The mobicus 5D DIY diamond comes in ultra-high-definition canvas. The colors of this painting are subtle yet bright. It is for those who prefer simple and sparkly art simultaneously.

This canvas has environmental Protection, which does not fade over time. So, you can keep this for long in your home. The drills have more than 15 facets, giving the painting visual depth even with soft colors.

This kit comes with clear instructions which anyone can follow. It has anti-wrinkle properties, so it won’t crease when you roll it up for storage.

There are 30% more diamonds in the package than needed, so you don’t have a drill shortage when you’re painting.

14X18 inches is ideal for turning the finished project into home décor. You can hang this full drill painting in your living room.

It has a large area; that’s why the design looks clear and is among the best 5D diamond painting kits. Although the details of the house are not accurate, you can distinguish between the sky and the central object.

Highlighted Features

  • Cube diamonds have 16 facets, making them shine brighter than 3d facets.
  • Made of subtle colors, soothing for your eyes.
  • Has a large area that gives the painting a better visual depth effect.
  • The finished painting lasts for over 20 years. So, framing it will be worthwhile for a long time.
  • Adhesive quality is outstanding, which makes the drills stay in place.

Diamond Painting Kits Buying Guide

Diamond Painting Kits

We do paint to distress and pass-happy time. It would be disappointing if you get the opposite. Painting can be stressful too. You may take on a diamond painting kit that is not suitable for you.

Here we come into action. Our buying guide will help you choose the finest diamond painting kits, making you joyful and amaze everyone. We also have a buyers guide for best sublimation printer for beginners, check it out if you are interested in sublimation. .


Design is one of the most crucial factors you need to consider before choosing a diamond painting kit. There are two levels of design available. One is beginner-friendly, and the other one is appropriate for advanced-level painters.

The way you can distinguish between the two is the complexity of the design. A beginner-friendly one will have less intricate details. The colors will have more contrast among them. Finally, if you make small mistakes, it won’t show.

The advanced-level designs have more details. You have to have prior knowledge of diamond painting. These designs are complicated, and if you make mistakes, it shows.

If you choose a complex design with darker shades than white, it puts a lot of stress on your eyes. Sometimes it can cause headaches and neck pain. It gets worse if you work in low light or the evening. That is why you might need additional lighting to make the process easier.


When you try to choose the perfect diamond painting kit for you, consider the size of the canvas. There are many cases of disappointment about the size of the canvas crafters receive. You have to have a clear idea of the size you are getting before making any purchase.

After finishing the project, you might want to turn it into yeah wall-hanging. You have to determine the wall-hanging size you want for your room and choose the canvas accordingly.

The size also affects the final look. Too small canvas looks pixilated and blurry. A larger size canvas makes all the details pop up. The design determines whether a small canvas or a large canvas will yield eye-catching results or not.

Simple designs like seashores and starry nights look brilliant on a smaller canvas. If you want more details like flowers, trees, and people, larger canvas produce is brilliant outcomes.

Diamond Pen

The diamond picker is also called the diamond point pen. Almost all the kits include the diamond picker in them. You can pick 1 or 3 at a time.

If the kit includes diamond pickers that can pick more than three at once, that kit will save you time a lot. You can use the single pickers for details. However, patterns where the same color repeats need a bulk diamond picker pen.

Some pickers can pick up to 9 diamonds at a time. This enables you to work nine times faster than before.


The right tools always help to get the job done right. That is why you need the right set of accessories with the diamond painting kit.

After choosing the right canvas for you, you have to select the right set of tools. Every diamond painting kit comes with basic tools like a pen, tray, and wax.

There are some additional accessories that you need to expedite your painting process. Instead of using zip lock bags to hold the diamonds, you can have a labeled container. It lets you avoid unnecessary accidents of raining diamonds over your canvas. Also, different trays and funnel types help organize your drills perfectly. So, you don’t have to put much work into the cleanup process.


What makes the diamond shine so bright? They are the facets that are plane surfaces on the diamonds. More facets mean more shine.

The round drills usually have more facets than the square drills. That’s why the diamond painting kits, which come with round drills, are better for shinier projects.

There is another advantage of the round drills. They are beginner-friendly because of their shape. The square drills don’t have inter-drill space, so when pressed, they pop. Round drills have more surrounding space to settle when pressed.

Top 4 Diamond Painting Kit Suppliers Company

Here are the top diamond painting kit suppliers available in the market –

Most popular

KTCLCATF Is one of the most popular brands for supplying diamond painting kits. Their designs are bright and colorful. You can enjoy the vibrant art while you paint on the canvas. The kit is very high-quality.

That is because the canvas, resin drills, and tools are made without any waste, making the kit more environmentally friendly.

KTCLCATF’s diamond painting kit is beginner-friendly. Their designs are very simple but stunning. It is due to their color combination. Young and old, both will love crafting on their canvas and go for more.

Most affordable

AIRDEA has the brightest collections. Their designs are full of color and have a nice contrast. You can find animals, trees, and other detailed portraits in their high-quality diamond painting kits. It is perfect for those who prefer detailed designs and are up for a challenge.

The canvas that comes in the kit is waterproof. You won’t have to worry if you sip on water while working on it. They provide extra diamonds, which is a big win for diamond painters. You can save them and use them on other projects.

Great value for money: tools

Suptikes tool kit for diamond painting is perfect for beginners. You can easily use them in your crafting projects. Their toolset has all the necessary things to finish your diamond painting project. They are high-quality, and you can see a lot of variety.

There are diamond picker pens that can pick bulk amounts at a time. All these at a affordable price. If you are starting to get into diamond painting and want budget tools, you would want to check out their kits.

Most innovative

ARTDOT has the most innovative diamond painting gadgets for adults. The light pads, storage containers, and canvas are stylish and modern. Their diamond painting kits give an aesthetically pleasing feeling when working on the project.

The whole point of diamond painting is to bring satisfaction to the DIYer. The kit’s tools and containers are high-quality and affordable. They don’t look cheap. Also, the kits come in sets of more than 2 packs. You can get 4 packs of canvas at a very low price.

Tips for Diamond Painting You Need to Know

Tips for Diamond Painting

Here are some of the tips for diamond painting –

Straightening Rolled Canvas

The struggle of straightening canvas is real. It takes a lot of work to do that. The process is detailed. It includes carrying heavy books and waiting for a long time. That is why we will give you a simple hack that straightens the canvas instantly without all those nuisances.

You have to peel the back sticker of the canvas but not all the way through. Lay the canvas upside-down. Peel half of the back sticker and stick it back.

Do the same on the other half. You can see when you put the sticker back and press it with your hand; the canvas automatically straightens up.

Picking up Spilled Diamonds

You might inevitably come face to face with this situation once in your diamond painting sessions. Spilled diamonds are tough to pick up.

You might use the diamond picker or pick them one by one with your hand. Some people also use tweezers in that situation.

It takes forever to pick up all those little rhinestones with those methods. To pick up the spilled diamonds quickly, you can use your fingers. Usually, your fingers are damp.

For that reason, these little drills stick to your fingers. You can pick a few drills at once by pressing the finger on them. Then transfer those on the tray. This method hopes to expedite your cleanup process.

Correcting A Mistake

Diamond painting is not as easy as it sounds. There is a complex process of matching the codes with the color. There are so many symbols on a canvas that anyone can get confused.

This confusion mostly occurs when there is a color gradient, and one can’t distinguish between similar colors. So, you may put the wrong color on the wrong symbol.

You don’t have to pull the drill out and position it again to fix this situation. There is an easier way to do so. You just have to use a pointy object to push it aside. A fixing tool comes in handy in this situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between 3D and 5D diamond painting kits?

Diamonds have their sparkly shine due to facets. These are the surfaces on the stone that is plain and reflect more light. The more facets a diamond has, the shinier it is.
3D means that the resin drills have 3 facets on three sides, making it a total of 9 facets. 5D refers to having 5 facets on each side, which is 15 facets on the drill. The latter one with more number facets is shinier.

2. Are diamond painting kits worth it?

Diamond painting kits are wonderful crafting options for those who aren’t experts in painting but want to do art to pass the time. The kits have all the basic tools to complete the project. That makes it amazing for gifting. Also, after completing the canvas, you will have a shiny art and home décor to show off.

3. What do you get in a diamond painting kit?

A diamond painting kit generally has a canvas with adhesive to stick the drills in place. The canvas has a design that needs to be covered in diamonds. There are instructions on the canvas. You will have different color drills. The tools include a diamond picking pen, a tray, and wax.

4. What to do if color is missing in the diamond painting kit?

If there is a color missing or shortage of color drills, you can contact the seller. They usually provide the drills if there is a shortage. There is also a supplier warranty that covers you if the diamonds are missing. They ship those on their own if you report missing colors to them.

5. Is square or round diamond painting better?

It really all depends on your personal preference. Square diamond paintings tend to have more complex designs than those with round diamonds, so if you’re looking for a more intricate finished product, square drills are the way to go. However, round diamond paintings are easier and faster to produce, making them a good choice if you’re short on time or want a simpler design.

6. How do you seal a diamond without losing the sparkle?

I use Mod Podge to seal the glass-framed Diamond Paintings that I make. It’s a decoupage medium (a glue and sealant in one) that comes in both matte and glossy finishes. You can find it at most craft stores. First, brush a thin layer of Mod Podge over the entire diamond painting surface. Be sure to get into all the nooks and crannies between the diamonds. Let it dry completely (usually takes about 15 minutes). Then, apply a second coat of Mod Podge, again making sure to coat all the surfaces evenly.

Final Thoughts

Bead painting helps you create high-quality art. The results are exquisite if you put a lot of your time and effort into it. To obtain this level of fine-looking artistic results, you don’t have to take painting classes.

The time you spend creating the art helps you reduce stress and become more confident. It activates the right hemisphere of the brain to use your creative side. Further, the results are outstanding and long-lasting.

The best diamond painting kits result in the shiniest art piece in your house. It also lasts for a very long time. So much wholesomeness at such a low price is worth trying out for sure!

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