Best Double Stroller For Disney (Vacation Equipment)

Disney World is a place for the whole family to enjoy, allowing parents and kids to marvel at the sights, hang out with their favorite characters, and have a great day out.

However, if you’re a parent with babies or young infants then you might find it a little harder to visit Disney World, and so you’ll need to use double strollers to safely and easily get their children around.

I’ve tried and tested a variety of different double strollers to see which ones suit a Disney vacation best, and I’ve ranked the best ones in my guide below.

It’s important to note that Disney has introduced certain restrictions on strollers, only allowing ones that are 31 inches wide by 52 inches long (79 cm by 132 cm) or SMALLER, and so all the picks in my list meet this size requirement.

With my testing, I found that the best double stroller for a Disney vacation was the Graco DuoGlider Double Stroller With Tandem Seating, which was easy to use and very comfortable for your children.



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What Are Disney’s Stroller Restrictions?

Before we get to our list, it’s important to outline Disney’s stroller restrictions when in their resorts. These are the key safety rules, and you need to make sure that you’re following these when on vacation there.

  • First and foremost, strollers or wagons bigger than 31 inches by 52 inches (79 cm by 132 cm) are not allowed. These figures are width by length.
  • Stroller wagons aren’t allowed, either.
  • Strollers can’t be in the queues for rides (and obviously can’t be used on rides).
  • Children must be taken out of their stroller when riding on parking lot trams.
  • Strolls must NOT be used on escalators.
  • Some restaurants require your stroller to be in a stroller parking spot outside.
  • Cast Members can move a stroller for operational needs.
  • Don’t leave belongings in a stroller you’re not looking after.

For the safety of your child, you need to follow Disney’s rules.

Their stroller size restriction is going to have a big impact on our list of the best double strollers for Disney World and Disneyland, because they all need to meet the requirements.

Best Double Stroller For Disney (Vacation Equipment)

1. Graco DuoGlider Double Stroller With Tandem Seating

The best double stroller on my list is this one with tandem seating, which may not always be the layout you imagine when it comes to these kinds of strollers.

Rather than have the two seats next to each other, making the stroller wider, it has one behind the other, which I found has its benefits! You can buy one from Amazon here.


  • Meets the Disney size requirements
  • Reclining seats with canopies and footrests – extra comfort!
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Easy to fold and unfold


  • Some find it quite heavy, though I didn’t

What Does It Offer? 

This is a great double stroller for you to pick, especially since it comes at an affordable price and has been extremely popular with other parents.

Thankfully, it very comfortably meets Disney’s size requirements. It measures 20.5 inches in width and 36 inches in length.

This means that you should be able to use it in Disney World without any problems, just make sure to be careful as you make your way through the big crowds.

One of the reasons that it’s a particularly good fit for Disney World is the fact that it uses a tandem seating design. A lot of other double strollers that you see will have both seats next to each other.

Though this may be nice for your children, it makes the stroller a lot wider, and therefore makes it harder to squeeze through crowds.

With tandem seating, though, one of the seats is located behind the other (with the rear one raised a little). This made things so much easier for me, allowing me to get through the crowded spaces a lot more smoothly.

On top of that, both seats are maximized for the comfort of your children. Firstly, they are both reclinable, allowing your child to rest and lay back. Secondly, each seat has a footrest for them to use. And thirdly?

They both have canopies, which will help to shade your children from the glare of the sun, helping them to sleep more easily. Mine slept a lot better with the canopies!

For extra flexibility, the stroller also accepts Graco Snug Ride CLick Connect car seats for infants.

So, if you’ve got these specific car seats already, you can carry your child straight from the car and clip the seat into the double stroller.

Additionally, the stroller can easily be folded and unfolded whenever it’s empty, allowing you to get it out easily or quickly store it back in the car. I found it a breeze to assemble and disassemble in a moment.

With that being said, although the double stroller is described as lightweight (weighing 29.5 pounds), some users have found it heavy to put in your car trunk. I didn’t find this to be the case, though.

The stroller also has front swivel wheels, which are both lockable and have suspension. This ensures that you can maneuver the stroller easily, which is handy in an intense environment like Disney World.

2. Jeep Scout Double Stroller

Next up on my list is this double stroller which uses the side-by-side design, rather than having tandem seating. Despite this added width, it still meets Disney’s stroller size requirements. You can buy one on Amazon here.


  • Meets Disney’s size restrictions
  • Extendable canopies and reclining seats for comfort
  • Lots of storage space
  • Lightweight


  • The plastic of the brakes can wear out quickly – be careful

What Does It Offer?

If you want a double stroller where the two seats are positioned next to each other, perhaps because your children would prefer to be sat besides one another, then this is a great pick.

As for its dimensions, it meets the Disney requirements, despite the added width of having two seats side-by-side.

The double stroller’s length (or depth, as it’s listed) is 23.4 inches, which is impressively shallow. Its width, on the other hand, is 29.9 inches.

Although navigating a double stroller through crowds is never going to be easy, the impressive measurements of this model made it much easier for me than others did.

Each seat is also able to recline into multiple positions, which offered my children increased comfort as they were pushed around.

On top of this (literally!), the seats have extendable canopies, so that the children can be shaded.

Thankfully, though, even when you use these at night there is a reflective material to keep your children and the stroller visible.

The stroller is lightweight too, weighing just 18.30 pounds.

This is much lighter than the previous stroller we looked at, and I found it especially easy to both push around all day and put away into the car at the end.

The front swivel wheels, with a suspension system, also made it easy to push around.

It also offers some excellent storage options, with double rear canopy bags included. This gives you room for you to store your belongings, including all your baby and infant products.

A major downside for me, though, was that the plastic of the brakes seemed to wear out quite quickly. You need to be careful of this if you’re using it, and ensure that the brakes still work.

3. Delta Children LX Side By Side Stroller

This is another side-by-side stroller, which comes at a great value price and meets Disney’s size requirements. You can buy one from Amazon here.


  • Meets the Disney size requirements
  • Five point safety harness
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish design


  • Doesn’t recline much, certainly not a flat recline

What Does It Offer?

This double stroller positions the two seats next to each other again, yet still meets the Disney size requirements, especially when it comes to width. The length of the stroller is 37 inches, while the width measures 23.4 inches.

It’s a lightweight stroller too, weighing only 18.3 pounds, which made it a lot easier for me to move or put away. In terms of what babies or infants should use it, it’s recommended for children weighing up to 35 pounds.

For safety, the stroller features a five point safety harness, helping to keep the children more secure. On top of that, the 6 inch wheels are swivel shock absorbing, helping them to move more safely and softly.

The stroller also has a funky design, which other models haven’t. You can get it either in a red and gray mix, or a peaceful blue and black blend, and both designs will likely appeal to your kids.

I had the red and gray one, which I thought looked very cool, and it helped the stroller stand out at Disneyland too .

It also has comfort features too, with large canopies for both seats. These will allow your children to be shaded, come sun or moon.

However, this is mostly where the comfort features end, because the stroller offers very minimal options for reclining.

Each seat only reclines slightly, which gave my children less comfort than other strollers on this list.

The double stroller also has some storage additions too, such as two storage bags and a cup holder for the parents. For me, these proved extra handy for a vacation to Disney World.

4. Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Double Stroller

This lightweight double stroller offers your babies or infants ultra-comfortable seating, and its dimensions just meet Disney’s requirements. You can buy one from Amazon here.


  • Meets Disney’s size requirements – just
  • Solid storage additions
  • Comfortable seating
  • Large canopies


  • More expensive than other double strollers

What Does It Offer?

This is a great quality, if a little more expensive, double stroller choice for your Disney vacation. It meets Disney’s size requirements too, though only just when it comes to width.

The double stroller’s length is 20 inches, which is very comfortable in Disney’s limits, but the width is 31 inches. This is right on the absolute limit for Disney’s rules, allowing this double stroller to only just qualify for use in Disneyland.

Though it’s allowed, it did mean that I had a harder time squeezing the stroller through Disney’s crowds than with the other, less wide double strollers on the list.

It’s a lightweight stroller, too, weighing only 23 pounds. This made it easy to move for me, as well as easy to pack away. The ability to conveniently fold the stroller up while standing also made it easy to put away.

As for comfort, your babies or infants should find the stroller very relaxing, thanks to reclining seats (which also have a 5 point safety restraint system).

However, the seat does not recline all the way into a flat position. This wasn’t an issue with my kids, but could be with others.

On the plus side, though, each seat has a large three-tier canopy, which helps to shade your children and protect them from UV rays.

There are solid storage options, too, thanks to two large bags, two drinks holders, and even removable trays for the children to use.

5. Baby Joy Double Light-Weight Stroller

The final entry on our list is this double stroller from Baby Joy, which meets the size requirements of Disney, as well as being comfortable and convenient. You can buy one from Amazon here.


  • Meets Disney’s dimension requirements
  • Adjustable canopies
  • Easy to control and brake
  • Storage additions


  • No reclining

What Does It Offer?

This double stroller is lightweight, weighing around 18 pounds. This made it particularly easy for me to push around, as well making it not too strenuous to lift into the car once I’d folded it up.

As for the dimensions, the double stroller is 31 inches long and 28.5 inches wide, which means that it’s allowed to be used at Disneyland.

It has safety features in place, too, to help keep your child secure. For starters, it has a 5 point safety harness to keep the child safe.

On top of that, it has swivel wheels which are lockable and shock absorbing.

These wheels are also connected to a rear brake system that you control with your foot, allowing you to stop the stroller from moving whenever you need it to.

Additionally, the stroller has canopies for each child, allowing them to stay shaded and protected. However, the stroller doesn’t have any reclining features.

Though this isn’t a must with strollers, I know that my kids wanted to recline more with it for their comfort, and that the absence of reclining features was a definite downside.

Buyers’ Guide

When looking through our list, you’ll have noticed a lot of specific features coming up repeatedly.

Some of these are the things you should look out for when finding a double stroller for your vacation to Disney World or Disneyland, and we’ve highlighted them below, we also have some tips for what to never bring to Disney World.

Safety Features

First and foremost, you need your double stroller to be safe. Safety is essential for babies and infants, and you’ll want to find a stroller that offers impressive safety features.

A lot of strollers will offer a 5 point safety harness, which involves a variety of straps and belts to securely fasten your child into the seat, This way, they shouldn’t risk falling out. Straps are known for getting dirty, we do have a guide on how to clean carseat straps to check out.

Additionally, your stroller needs a solid braking system, ideally foot operated. You need to have total control of the stroller at all times, and a brake allows you to stop it quickly when needed.


Disney has restrictions on what strollers can enter their resorts: they must be, at most, 31 inches wide and 52 inches long.

When shopping for a double stroller for your Disney vacation, it’s essential that the stroller meets these dimensions.

very stroller on my list fits into their size specifications thankfully, and that slimmer size made it easier for me to get it through Disney’s crowds.


It’s important that your babies or infants are comfortable in the stroller, so look out for comfort features. One of the key ones is whether the seats recline.

This isn’t a feature with all double strollers, as my last entry in the list showed, and others will only recline a little. Find a stroller that reclines as much as you think is right and safe for your children.

Additionally, make sure that each seat in the stroller has its own canopy, which can extend out and protect your children from light and UV rays.

Fold Away

You should always ensure that your double stroller is easy to fold up when not in use.

Many will offer “standing” folding, where you can easily fold it while standing, allowing you to then put it away in the car at the end of the day. I find this really helps, and I’m sure you will too!

Frequently Asked Question

How Much Does It Cost To Rent Double Strollers At Disney?

You can actually rent double or single strollers from Disney themselves, if you want. A double stroller will cost you $31 for a day’s use, or $27 for a multi-day usage depending on the length of your stay.

Final Thoughts

Disney has restrictions on stroller size, but our list of the best double strollers for Disney should help you find a suitable one! If you’re heading to Disney, you’ll need one!

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