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DIY Cocoa Melts

As it gets colder, there’s really nothing like some delicious hot cocoa while snuggled in a fuzzy blanket! You can do these simple DIY Cocoa Melts wrapped up as a gift, so others can enjoy a creamy cup when they want, or keep some for yourself on those chilly evenings!

DIY Cocoa Melts/ by Busy Mom's Helper #hotcocoa #chocolate #giftidea

I got the idea for these Cocoa Melts when I was making our Chocolate Rimmed Party Glasses for Christmas Eve this week. What should I do with all the leftover melted chocolate and delicious toppings? Then it hit me….mix them all up so that we could enjoy them as totally flavorful hot chocolate later!

DIY Cocoa Melts/ by Busy Mom's Helper #hotcocoa #chocolate #giftidea


  • Semi-Sweet Chocolate (either chips or bricks)
  • Andes Peppermint Pieces
  • Dried mini marshmallows (like an ice cream topping, comes in a shake-able container)
  • Cupcake liners (silicone works best)
  • Milk


  1. Melt the chocolate completely. I do this by putting it in a microwave-safe bowl and heating on 50% power for 30 second intervals, stirring well between, until it’s melted. Stir in some of the peppermint pieces and marshmallows. It’s up to you how much to use!
  2. Scoop into the cupcake liners and fill about 3/4 the way full. Stick in the fridge or freezer so the chocolate hardens. Then you can just pop them out and either wrap them up as a gift, or place in a zipper baggie for you to enjoy later! DIY Cocoa Melts/ by Busy Mom's Helper #hotcocoa #chocolate #giftidea
  3. To turn into hot chocolate (per cocoa melt piece): Heat 3 cups milk in a sauce pan. Once boiling, add the cocoa melt and reduce heat to a simmer. DIY Cocoa Melts/ by Busy Mom's Helper #hotcocoa #chocolate #giftidea Stir until the entire piece is melted. DIY Cocoa Melts/ by Busy Mom's Helper #hotcocoa #chocolate #giftidea Pour into cocoa glasses and enjoy! (careful, may be hot!)

Note: if you like it more rich and chocolaty, just do 2 cups of milk. You can always mix more milk in after to cool it down, too!

Get creative and try other mix-ins, if you want! 

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