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Cocoa Gift Hats

So I’m really good at lists – obsessed, as Hubby would say – so I do really well in the holiday season with keeping track of what we got for which kid (and who it’s from). That said, in the past I’ve often struggled remembering the smaller gifts – for neighbors, friends, co-workers, church family – until the last minute. Ya, shame on me, I know! This year, though, I’m planning ahead and have LOTS of different ideas for some fun little-gift-giving! This is just a simple Cocoa Gift Hat gift that we’re giving my daughter’s classmates. Super easy, super cute, and super cost-effective!
Cocoa Gift Hat with Free Printable Pattern / Busy Mom's Helper
One bonus about these is that you can make them really customized…make them YOURS. So even if all your kids make these for their friends, they can do something unique (a special color, different stamp, etc.) to make them stand apart from the others. Really, these Cocoa Gift Hats are just super fun, and

Supplies Needed

  • Gray-patterned (or desired) color paper – for hat
  • Red (or desired color) paper – for strap across hat
  • Stamp and ink of choice (I did ‘Merry Christmas‘ in silver ink)
  • Snowflake sticker, or other cute accent
  • Clear baggie – I got mine at Walmart
  • Cocoa – loose powder or a packet
  • Mini Marshmallows
  • Peppermints, Andies Candies, etc.
  • Tape or glue


1. First, print these shapes out. Then use them as stencils to trace your hat and strap shapes.
2. Glue or tape the strap shape across the hat. Use the stamp on the left side, accent (sticker) on the right.
3. Attach the baggie behind the hat with tape or glue. Fill with cocoa (powder or packet), marshmallows and mints.
Have fun with it!!!

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