Don’t Eat Santa Printable Game Card

This week was FABULOUS, and I hope y’all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, as well! Despite all of us being pretty darn sick, we still spent lots of time together watching movies, playing games, and getting excited about the upcoming month. Since running around wasn’t an option with our coughs, we enjoyed simple games that were still a blast, like this Don’t Eat Santa Printable Game Card!

Don't Eat Santa Printable Game Card / by Busy Mom's Helper #holidays #game #printable

Do you remember my Don’t Eat Olaf game card from my daughter’s Frozen birthday party? This is the same concept as that, only it’s Santa! All you have to do is print of this Don’t Eat Santa Game Card and get some type of game pieces (candy, marshmallows, scraps of paper, whatever!).

Don't Eat Santa Printable Game Card / by Busy Mom's Helper #holidays #game #printable

In case you’re not familiar with the game, here’s how you play:

  1. Place candy/marshmallows/something on each of the Santa faces on the card. Choose a person who is ‘it’. They leave the room while everyone else chooses which Santa is the one for that round.
  2. The person comes back in and one by one picks off the candy on each Santa. When they try to pick up the piece on the chosen Santa, everyone yells ‘Don’t Eat Santa’! The person gets to keep the candies they pulled off up until they got to that one Santa.

So the basic goal is to choose the ‘right’ Santa last, so you can get as much of the candies as  possible! The kids love it, and it’s really easy enough for even our youngest to play!

Don't Eat Santa Printable Game Card / by Busy Mom's Helper #holidays #game #printable

I’d recommend laminating the game card (it prints 8.5×11, by the way)…that way it stays clean and lasts MUCH longer!

Don't Eat Santa Printable Game Card / by Busy Mom's Helper #holidays #game #printable

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