Easy Decorating with Wallternatives

School is in full-swing, which means there’s many out there needing some ideas for non-permanent decorating for their apartment, dorm or even their locker! You’re in luck, because there’s so many beautiful, fun, crazy and down-right stylish choices for Easy Decorating with Wallternatives!

Easy Decorating with Wallternatives / by Busy Mom's Helper #Wallternatives #ApartmentDecor #DormDecor #HomeDecor

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If you remember, I had so much fun reviewing Wallternatives brand new line and did my cousin’s adorable Owl Fabric Decal bedroom. I love how easy these decals are to place, remove and place again! When I was offered to review another one of their fun decals, this time from their Dorm Decor selection, I was stoked! The problem? There’s just so many dang awesome choices! I guess if there has to be a problem, a great selection is an ok one to have, am I right?

Easy Decorating with Wallternatives / by Busy Mom's Helper #Wallternatives #ApartmentDecor #DormDecor #HomeDecor

I finally decided upon this inspirational ‘Be Your Self’ Vinyl Wall Decal in Lilac (the large size, since I have a BIG wall space). Although my Craft Room looks totally fab after I did a major makeover on it, some of the walls were still….well, boring! I wanted something colorful, attractive and motivational. When I saw this quote on their website, I knew it was so perfect for this room…since I often do need to be reminded to Just Be MY Self, especially as I’m sharing things to all of you! As much as I want you all to like me and my little ol’ blog, the most important thing is that I’m ME, and whether you like me or not, as long as I’m not a fake that’s all I can do. And that’s what makes me happy along the way! So this vinyl wall decal is an absolutely perfect reminder for me as I’m blogging each day! I received my decal (very quick, I might add, these guys are AMAZING at shipping!) and loved the color! Purple is my favorite, and this was just the right shade…not too dark to clash with my purple line on my wall, but not so light it wouldn’t be well-seen.

How I applied the Decal

It comes with a cover on both sides….

Easy Decorating with Wallternatives / by Busy Mom's Helper #Wallternatives #ApartmentDecor #DormDecor #HomeDecor

I gently removed the backing of the decal….

Easy Decorating with Wallternatives / by Busy Mom's Helper #Wallternatives #ApartmentDecor #DormDecor #HomeDecor

Easy Decorating with Wallternatives / by Busy Mom's Helper #Wallternatives #ApartmentDecor #DormDecor #HomeDecor

Then place it on your wall, carefully starting at one edge and smoothing outward. Keep smoothing until you’ve got any bumps or bubbles worked out, then slowly and carefully work from one edge removing the front paper covering…

Easy Decorating with Wallternatives / by Busy Mom's Helper #Wallternatives #ApartmentDecor #DormDecor #HomeDecor

If you do end up with any bumps or bubbles, no worries! Just gently smooth them out, or you can easily remove the vinyl decal and re-position it! Don’t like where you placed it? No problem, just take it off and place it somewhere else! The sticky doesn’t wear off, whether you decide now or in ten years!

Easy Decorating with Wallternatives / by Busy Mom's Helper #Wallternatives #ApartmentDecor #DormDecor #HomeDecor

See, it’s perfect for non-permanent situations (or for those that change how they decorate often!) such as apartments, dorms or your student’s locker. What could be more fun than one (or more) of the fun decals from Wallternatives Dorm Decor? They even have chalkboard vinyl, which I plan to decorate MORE of my craft room space with! Calendar decals, menu boards, stylish designs and fun quotes….really, you can find a design for anyone!

Easy Decorating with Wallternatives / by Busy Mom's Helper #Wallternatives #ApartmentDecor #DormDecor #HomeDecor

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to their website and start your Easy Decorating with Wallternatives!

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