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Easy No-sew Trick-or-treat Bag

Halloween is one of those holidays that calls out for creativity. Chances are, no matter what your child wants to be, there’s a tutorial on Pinterest for how to DiY it, although some are a lot more work than others. Even if you think you aren’t crafty, this no-sew trick-or-treat bag is super easy to make. After you make a few for the kids, you may want to make one for yourself too.

Easy no-sew trick-or-treat bag | One Mama

Hi! It’s Keri from One Mama’s Daily Drama and today I want to teach you how to make an easy no-sew bag. Since Halloween is coming up, I thought it would be fun to make trick-or-treat bags.

My kids always end up with more candy than they need on Halloween. They also tend to tear their bags before we get home!

I love this project because it makes a really strong trick-or-treat bag. Oh, and it’s super easy. You don’t need any sewing skills.


  • tee shirt
  • scissors
  • ruler (optional)


1. Start with a clean tee shirt and spread it out on a flat work surface. I used my dining room floor.

Easy no-sew trick-or-treat bag | One Mama

2. Next, cut off the sleeves, collar, and bottom hem. I cut just inside the seams, but you could trim further if you need the opening at the top to be bigger or want it to be more square.

Easy no-sew trick-or-treat bag | One Mama

3. Now, cut the fringe at the bottom of the tee shirt. To do this, I measured about four inches using my ruler, but you could just estimate it. I cut up each side and then used that as a guide to cut strips about 1-inch wide all the way across.

Easy no-sew trick-or-treat bag | One Mama

4. Line up the fringe and tie each front piece with the coordinating one on the back. You’ll probably have a lot of gaps at this point.

Easy no-sew trick-or-treat bag | One Mama

5. Once everything is tied loosely, go back and tighten each one. Tie a second knot to make sure they’re secure. You shouldn’t have any holes at this point, although something really tiny could poke through.

Easy no-sew trick-or-treat bag | One Mama

That’s it!

I made these using old Halloween shirts, but you could be really clever and find a shirt to match your child’s costume.

Easy no-sew trick-or-treat bag | One Mama

These bags are surprisingly handy. They would actually be a great way to upcycle old tee shirts into tote bags for everyday use too.

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