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5 Tips to Make Reading Fun

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I’m a huge fan of books, and so far my kiddos have shown a great interest in reading, too – but there’s plenty of kids who don’t enjoy it! Here’s 5 Tips to Make Reading Fun – plus how to earn FREE BOOKS for your kids’ school, just with items you already enjoy from the grocery store!

5 Tips to Make Reading Fun / by Busy Mom

Especially now that I have THREE kiddos in school, we stay stocked up on drinks like SunnyD and Fruit2O for the occasional special drink in their lunches, or as the perfect refreshment with after-school snack! I was THRILLED to learn that just by purchasing things we’re already enjoying, we can easily earn free books for their school with the Book Spree Program. It’s also nice that it’s not just a specific store – I can grab the correctly marked products at Walmart or Kroger, which are my usual shopping spots. Check your local store, too!

5 Tips to Make Reading Fun / by Busy Mom

Here’s how the program works:

  1. Clip and collect eligible SunnyD and Fruit2O UPC labels (they’ll be clearly marked).
  2. Send the labels with your child to a participating teacher.
  3. Once all of the UPCs are collected, the teacher then fills out the entry form and mails that, along with the UPCs, to SunnyD.
  4. SunnyD will then send current, age-appropriate books to the participating classroom – up to 20 books per classroom.

The Book Spree ends 11/30/2015, so don’t wait! I have many friends who are home educators and guess what? They’re eligible, too! This brings us to our tips starting with #1….

1. Offer a Variety of Books

Reading the same type of story or writing style can become boring quick, so offer your kids a variety of books – different topics, illustration styles, etc. This helps give them something new, and also can help them learn what TYPE of books they really find the most enjoyable.

5 Tips to Make Reading Fun / by Busy Mom

2. Read Together

One of my twins didn’t use to like reading – by himself, that is. I understand, since they’re still learning how, but it was still difficult. After I started reading WITH him more, and it became like a habit, he now likes sitting down with a book by himself almost as much as when we sit together.

5 Tips to Make Reading Fun / by Busy Mom

3. Bring the Book to Life with Crafts

Get your kids more involved in the books they’re reading by doing an activity or crafts.! A recent one we did was taking some of our empty SunnyD bottles, cleaning them out, then decorating them a character from a book they like. This particular one was Cat in the Hat comes back – so we shoved some white paper scraps inside and made red stripes! After reading Charlotte’s Web, my daughter created a little ‘farm’ to match the one in the book just from construction paper and colored cotton balls.

5 Tips to Make Reading Fun / by Busy Mom

4. Do the Voices

Some people HATE doing the different ‘voices’ of characters in books, but I’ve heard many say it helps keep the kids engaged and their attention span lasts longer. It’s like in college when I had a monotone professor – hard to pay attention to the same sound for too long!

5. Recall the Stories

Bring up the stories you’ve read at other times, not just ‘reading time’. One way our family does this is by randomly saying quotes from a recent book. Example: I’ll tell the kids to sit down for something and be like ‘And all they could do was to sit, sit, sit sit,’. The kids, if they remember (they usually do), reply ‘and they did not like it, not one little bit!’ Makes a fun moment for us all, and helps their memory at the same time!

5 Tips to Make Reading Fun / by Busy Mom

5 Tips to Make Reading Fun / by Busy Mom

Just collect SunnyD labels and send to your child’s teacher. Teachers will then send the labels into SunnyD to get free books. For every 20 labels received, SunnyD will donate 20 free books. (expires on 11/30/15 or while supplies last)

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