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How to Fit Cleaning into Your Busy Mom Routine

As a mom, one of our big challenges in keeping a clean and organized home. The problem is that it’s just more to add to our hilariously long to-do list, and unless someone invents that wonderful ‘time in a bottle’ that I ask for every holiday, it’s just not always possible to accomplish EVERYTHING we want to get done. That being said, here’s a few tips on How to Fit Cleaning into Your Busy Mom Routine, so maybe you can get a little sweeping done every now and then!

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Despite how many of my photos I share on my blog and social channels look, my house is not usually completely cleaned. Yes, we do regular cleaning and chores, but there’s always more I want to do – there’s just never time for it all. There are ways to tackle a few tasks here and there, though, that can help keep your house at least ‘clean enough’ – which is what some of us moms just need to be happy with until our kiddos are a bit older!

1. Make the most of naptime. When your son or daughter is napping, this is a great time to scrub the toilets, clean out the fridge or change the cat’s litter box. The key is to do quiet cleaning while your child naps so that you don’t wake them!

How to Fit Cleaning into Your Busy Mom Routine #timemanagement #busymom #scheduling #cleaning #organizing #parenting #momtips #cleaningtips #homemanagement

2. Clean while your child eats or watches TV. You can mop the floors while your child is enjoying their lunch or watching an episode of Dora the Explorer.

3. Get some cleaning done before mealtime. This can be a good time to encourage your child to pick up their toys or get your vacuuming done.

4. Do some cleaning after bedtime. After your kids have been tucked in, you might clean up the kitchen, do the dishes, unload the dishwasher or do any other cleaning that needs to be done.

5. Involve your child in cleaning. Even toddlers can get involved in cleaning by picking up their own toys. Young kids may enjoy dusting.

How to Fit Cleaning into Your Busy Mom Routine #timemanagement #busymom #scheduling #cleaning #organizing #parenting #momtips #cleaningtips #homemanagement

6. Lower your expectations. You have kids, possibly even some pets. Your house is never going to be completely clean – and that’s ok. Don’t stress so much about it not being perfect that you miss out on what’s more important – your family. There will be time later for a perfectly clean, organized home.

These are just some ideas on how to fit cleaning into your busy mom routine. Although it can take some strategic planning, there are plenty of great times to squeeze in a little bit here and there – and it all adds up!

How do YOU fit cleaning into your schedule?

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