My fun with Ghostbusters and Sony

**I was a guest of Sony for the Ghostbusters Junket as a representative of All opinions are my own.**

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 When the lovely Lori of a Day in Motherhood asked me to represent her at the Ghostbusters Press Junket last week, I was THRILLED! I loved the original movie as a kid, and was super excited to check out the new remake. Here’s some of my fun with Ghostbusters and Sony from the event!

Touring Ghost Corps & the Sony Lot

It was really neat to meet Ivan Reitman, who’s been with the Ghostbusters since the very start – and he let us check out Ghost Corps with all it’s memorabilia. We then got a private tour around the Sony Lot, learning about the different buildings, history and seeing some amazing sets. Check out all the details of my experience HERE.

Meeting the Ghostbusters Cast

I can’t even begin to describe my excitement at interviewing the fabulous ladies of Ghostbusters, along with the Directors and Writers. Just as I expected, they were HILARIOUS, and you could really tell the true friendship they all shared. You’ve GOT to check out this laugh-out-loud interview HERE. Trust me, these gals are amazing!

Interviewing the Ghostbusters Cast #Ghostbusters #Ghostbloggers #ad

And I met Melissa McCarthy – FABULOUS!!!

My Thoughts of the New Ghostbusters Movie

The first night of the junket, we got to see a screening of the brand spankin’ new film. I was excited because, hey, it’s Ghostbusters – but also nervous because the first was so incredible! I don’t want to spill too many details here – just know that I TOTALLY LOVED IT! Check out my full review HERE, and my thoughts as to whether or not it’s too scary for kids.

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