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Gift Idea: Cute Treat Tubes

A couple years ago my mom and I saw these adorable little Treat Tubes at a craft show, and couldn’t wait to make some of our own! It took some practice getting the shapes just right, but finally they turned out just like we’d hoped, and our friends LOVED them!
Cute Treat Tubes with Free Printable Patterns / Busy Mom's Helper
You don’t have to spend hours figuring out the shapes, because I’ve included a printable for your to print and cut out – then all you have to do is trace and assemble!
Supplies Needed
Thin, long tubes to fill with the treats. I got packs of them from a Stampin’ Up consultant
Hole Punch (helps with the small circle shapes)
Glue or 2-sided tape
Googly Eyes
Elf: Green paper, Red paper, Skin-colored (peach/pink) paper, White paper (or puff), Ribbon
Santa: White paper, Red paper, Skin-colored paper
Reindeer: Dark brown paper, Light brown paper, Red paper
Snowman: Blue paper, Dark brown paper, Green paper, Orange paper, Black paper, Ribbon
Print out this pattern sheet. Some you will use for multiples, but I only included them once per sheet. Cut out (preferably on card stock) and use as stencils.
For the squiggly circle (2nd from right on top row) – you can use a tiny puff instead.
For the Elf:
Cut out the shapes as follows……
Green on bottom, then red
Then skin-colored
The ears tuck behind the peach, then the nose in center.
Draw a smile, add the eyes, ribbon and squiggly circle or puff. Attach to the tube – DONE!
For Santa:
Cut out the shapes as follows. For the white I used a patterned paper, to make it more fun.
First assembly….
Then this – VIOLA! That’s one sexy Santa Claus!
For the Snowman:
Cut out the shapes as follows. I used patterned for the blue (different ones) for fun. The black dots are simply hole punched – keep it simple
His assembly is probably the easiest….But he’s sure one adorable Snowman!
For the Reindeer:
I’m so sorry, but I did forget to take a photo of the reindeer pieces. What you will need for him:
Two ornament shapes in Dark Brown
Two antler shapes in Light Brown
One nose shape in red
Two ear shapes in Dark Brown
Insert the ears and antlers between the 2 ornament shapes, then the nose, eyes and draw a smile on front. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer!!! Ya, you know you just sang along with that 😉
When you’ve got them all done, just add cocoa and marshmallows, or treats like M&Ms….give and enjoy!!!


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